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Watch: Red Band Trailer For ‘Lawless’ Plus 3 Clips From The Film

Watch: Red Band Trailer For 'Lawless' Plus 3 Clips From The Film

Tom Hardy, Shia LaBeouf and Jason Clark are the Bondurant boys in the upcoming “Lawless.” And as the trio sling moonshine as prohibition winds to a close, shifting tides of power put their operation and very lives at risk in John Hillcoat‘s both beautiful and brutal new film where blood and alcohol flow freely.

A brand new red band trailer gets you into the R-rated spirit with a gratuitous boob and a bit more blood than a green band version will allow. Co-starring an impressive array of folks including Guy Pearce, Gary Oldman, Jessica Chastain and Mia Wasikowska, the story is based on the real life exploits of the aforementoined siblings who find their trade threatened by the long arm of the law led by the flamboyant Special Agent Charlie Rakes (Pearce), whose means to find “justice” are particularly ruthless. 

If this new trailer isn’t enough, there are also three clips from the film that show both the menacing drama and lighter moments from the picture (and for even more, check out these two over here). “Lawless” pops open the cork on August 29th. [Vice/TrailerAddict]

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way to give away the ending…guy pearce limping bloody down a bridge and shia kills him.


Jessica Chastain is fucking gorgeous


Tom Hardy and Guy Pearce looks to be the great onees in this film this move, i hope it gets some awards recognition


There's some deliciously brutal stuff in here, particularly forcing that dude to drink gasoline. Looks great!


The redband is the first time this film has looked enticing.

Eoin Daly

I remeber reading a comment back when Chastain got her first oscar nomination that with the work she gets would she be the new Meryl getting nominations most years. With what Sasha Stone and some reviews say she is amazing in Lawless, I hope she can make it but the film is opening too early. She has Zero Dark Thirty which is a leading performance meaning if Lawless get some traction at the end of the year my dream is for Chastain to receive two nominations. First oscar, next tony (She will be the heiress this fall), then the world.

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