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Watch: Robert Redford Goes On The Run From Shia LaBeouf In Trailer For ‘The Company You Keep’

Watch: Robert Redford Goes On The Run From Shia LaBeouf In Trailer For 'The Company You Keep'

It’s interesting to see how films rise or fall during the fall festival season. As critics and industry put together their schedules, a variety of factors determine which movies they’ll see and which they’ll pass on for now, perhaps to wait for another day. And you can bet when Sony Pictures Classics announced they had acquired Robert Redford‘s “The Company You Keep” at the end of last week, it suddenly shot up the prirority list for press. And now, this pretty rivieting new trailer will only stoke that anticipation further.

To put it plainly, Redford’s last directorial effort, “The Conspirator,” was a dull bore, a legal drama overpowered with a dash of politics. But here, it seems the balance between genre and message has been hit dead on. The film follows a former member of the Weather Underground (Redford, of course), who has to go on the run after years in hiding when a former colleague (Susan Sarandon) is arrested for a bank robbery gone wrong in the 1970s. On his trailer is a hotshot young reporter (Shia LaBeouf) looking to make a name for himself as well as the FBI. Yes, Redford seems to be very sympathetic to the actions of the organization, but perhaps more importantly, there is a moral middleground as well, which at least puts things in a framework where not everything is black and white. It’s riveting stuff, with a great ensemble cast (Stanley Tucci, Stephen Root, Nick Nolte, Chris Cooper, Anna Kendrick, Terrence Howard and more…but where’s Brit Marling?) and we’ll soon hear what the critics have to say.

“The Company You Keep” premieres in Venice and hits TIFF afterword. Watch below. 

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oo goo

Robert Redford allowed the murder of Che's nurse and did not pay Che's daughter for the Murdercycle Diaries film, and now his actions are trying to murder Che's American Daughter. And Redford thinks he is an expert on the underground. Maybe he will go there. Soon. If he doesn't turn it around, there is a longhorn ready, Mr. Redford.


This looks really great, and what a cast. Though Don Cheadle should automatically replace Terrence Howard in every movie from now on, IMO.


This looks fantastic !!!


You name Brit Marling, but don't cite Julie Christie, Sam Elliott, Brendan Gleeson or Richard Jenkins? I know Marling is the hot young thing who has been given 'the push' towards possible stardom, but come on: those vets will still be working in solid films by strong filmmakers when she either does a Johansson and becomes a vacuous star or goes Birch and does … well, nothing of note.

Karen K

Redford is amazing at these political thrillers. Looks good!

And, um, little typo, second paragraph: "On his trailer is a hotshot young reporter…" So, they're on an Airstream? Hate to be THAT person but…

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