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Watch Web Series – ‘in(HER)view: a conversation with Black women’

Watch Web Series - 'in(HER)view: a conversation with Black women'

in(HER)view: a conversation with Black women is described as an 8-part bi-weekly series that asks 5 black women the same 8 questions about their lived experiences – from what they love about being black women, to the challenges they face.

The series was created by director, producer and editor, Charla Harlow.

The series was actually launched in May, with its 8th and final episode debuting about a week ago. So we're finding it late. But better late than never, right?

All eight episodes are embedded below, if the idea strikes your fancy:

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Worthy matters of perspective!!


I'm disgusted by the previous comments…
(That being said I understand parts of the previous points made.)

However to refuse to go outside self to sit before another is pure ego. Unnecessary ego written off as/in sarcasm and/or pessimism.
Getting pass self is the hardest thing one will ever do… "Just reach for it"

Lavetta Cannon

A very nice idea! I thought all the women were very different and were not the typical "angry black woman". :-)


LOL *_* I won't even bother. I'm tired of this indignant, pathological, woe-is-me, 'we are the mules of the earth', depressing stuff from BW. Irritates me(as a BW) to the core. If that's not what these videos are about, I apologise.


I don't get it. Is "Black Woman" some newly discovered species that the people are collecting data on? How does talking with these handful of women shed light on what it means to be a Black women? I guess I would classify as a Black woman ( I don't entirely match with these women), but there are so many variations of Black women out there that this kind of documentary is almost meaningless. It may shed light on these particular Black women, not in a very interesting way IMO, but it is only THEIR story. Not the story of "Black women."

the devil

u may call me a person who has swine empathy (i.e. a male chauvinistic pig) but yawn. yawn. i rather watch tyler perry talk about black women.

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