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Will Warner Bros. ‘Justice League’ Movie Tie Into ‘Man Of Steel’?

Will Warner Bros. 'Justice League' Movie Tie Into 'Man Of Steel'?

“Like what Chris Nolan is doing and what I’m doing with Superman, what they’ll do with Justice League will be its own thing with its own Batman and own Superman. We’ll be over here with our movie and they’ll kinda get to do it twice which is kinda cool,” Zack Snyder said in March 2011 about the status of “Man Of Steel” and whether or not it would tie into a proposed “Justice League” movie. But a few things happened since then. Firstly, Warner Bros. would release “Green Lantern” a few months later and it would flop horribly, killing any chances of launching a new franchise. And this year, Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight Rises” puts an end to the latest version of Batman on the big screen, putting the character away for a few years until the inevitable reboot. What’s a studio to do?

Well, last summer they quietly hiredGangster Squad” writer Will Beall to pen a “Justice League” script, and while it was recently reported that the studio wasn’t planning on any DC Comics movie hitting the big screen before 2015, perhaps they are getting their ducks in a row. According to a brief mention in a recent report by THR, the studio “will try to resuscitate Batman as a stand-alone franchise and/or as part of a planned ‘Justice League’ ensemble that could connect to next summer’s ‘Man of Steel.’ “

Granted, that’s pretty thin and the trade could be speculating a bit there, but it is intriguing (though the use of the word “resuscitate” to describe a billion dollar franchise is a bit odd). Certainly, tying “Justice League” into “Man Of Steel” makes way more sense than recasting the character again for a movie that would arrive (at the earliest) two years after Zack Snyder’s film. And the idea of marketing two different Supermans to a moviegoing audience, potentially so close to each other, didn’t really much sense to us either. But then again, if executive producer Christopher Nolan has shown, he likes his works to stand outside of any kind of canon, and some kind of Marvel style universe seems to antithetical to how he operates. But he’s also just an EP, and thus may not hold as much sway on the movie than if he were a director. And with Snyder coming off two disappointments (“Sucker Punch,” “Watchmen“) he’s not in any real place to negotiate for his movie to be a standalone piece.

Certainly, with Marvel showing they cold turn geek characters into a broadly appealing, billion dollar franchise with “The Avengers,” everyone around town is paying attention. Will WB follow this model? Do you want them to? Time will tell, but let us know below.

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This has to be the start of the justice league theres to many reboots out there nowadays wev'e had batman now superman green lantern has also had a movie so we just need a flash and wonder woman one to tie it all in the only problem is that bale has supposed to have had his last batman movie altho robin appeared at the end of dark knight so im not sure on that but to make yet another batman and superman to tie into a justice league wud be ludecrus so heres hoping man of steel is the start of something truly epic!


I think they shouldn't tie up man of steel with justice league. They should cast Tom welling as superman I mean he did it for 10 seasons and he's already seen as superman thanks to smallville as for Megan fox as wonder woman that is STUPID. she can not play wonderwoman she sucks at acting just because she's pretty doesn't mean she can act.


I say give Bale a cameo in Man of Steel. Have Batman be the man to bring together the Justice League to fight some threat he's discovered. Leave Martian Manhunter and Aquaman for sequels. Introduce Wonder Woman and Flash in the film, don't dwell on their origins, simply mention the freak accident that transformed Flash and show a breif scene describing Wonder Woman as a "guardian" of Earth and an Amazon Princess. Or you could introduce her in the Superman movie and say that the Amazon Princesses were allies with the Kryptonians. Whatever works. Then have Green Lantern be the center of the plot. Don't make him the main character, just have it that maybe the threat is connected to the Green Lanterns Core. Don't even mention this past Lantern movie, simply invent a new lantern with a quick origin monologue similar to Banner's in the beginning of the Incredible Hulk. Also, don't make anymore Batman movies. Simply give Bats a role in all upcoming DC films. And if Justice League is successful, then make solo prequels or sequels revolving around Wonder Woman and Flash. Put this all together and you've got a billion bucks waiting to happen. Man! Why am I not in Hollywood?!


I'm sorry but how can you call 'Watchmen' a disappointment? It made $185 million dollars ($55 million more than its budget) and has a 64% on Rotten Tomatoes.


I don't know…how would they explain the Flash and Robin? Or Wonder Woman for that matter? It just doesn't add up for me.

The Voice of Reason

O.K., look. If a Justice League movie is going to happen, a couple of things have to take place. First off, whomever the director is needs to get his crap together and decide if he's making the film or not. Hopefully the answer is that he will. Second off, he needs to find a way to get Bale to come back as Batman, and to find him a DIFFERENT, APPROPRIATE ROBIN who will also appear in the film (every movie needs a comic relief guy). Get Megan Fox for Wonder Woman, maybe, and Ryan Reynolds for Green Lantern. Find a good looking guy for the Flash, get the public to be itching to see the movie, and BAM! a hit is born. DC will have the last laugh in the movie franchise.


To be honest I think they'll stick with the five most well known Justice League members (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Flash). Superman will be covered in Man of Steel, Green Lantern has already been covered, everybody knows Batman's origin so the could just do a 'Hulk' and put a new Bruce Wayne in a Justice League movie. The Flash's origin is really straight forward so that will only require a small explanation which only leaves Wonder Woman who could do with around 20 minutes of screen time. It's necessary they reboot Batman though, Nolan's Batman would just not work in a universe where super-powered beings exist; and Christian Bale will not return to Batman unless Nolan is involved, which he won't be.


A justice league movie has a chance to be very good but only if a few VERY unlikely things happen. First, they would need Christian Bale to reprise as Batman. If that doesn't happen, the movie wont have any thing built off of or any where to start. Next, even though Ryan Reynolds did a crappy job as green lantern, if he works on it, it could be somewhat good ( this is thinking that he would be cast as the Green Lantern). After that, if the Man of Steel movie is good, you already have an actor for Super Man that people would know. Another character that isn't essential but would be good in the movie is Green Arrow. Tv has already started making a show about him called "Arrow" which looks pretty good. If Warner brothers uses these characters, they would have already 4 characters that need little introduction. That means ( if you havent already itroduced them on tv or in a movie) that you would only need to introduce Wonder Women, Flash, Aquaman, and Give or take martian man hunter. If you do this with Chris Nolan's touch, you can possibly have a really good justice league movie


WB needs to just go MOTION CAPTURE style with JL. It would be easier to show more on screen and the graphics would be a hell of lot better than AVENGERS


Joseph can't be batman cus he's robin dee dee dee


If anyone has watched Persons of Interest you will know who I am talking about, Jim Caviezel could be Batman. He has the looks of a Bruce Wayne and the attitude of Batman not to mention the stunts he does in the television programme.


Henry Cavill is under contract to be Superman in JL. I think Joesph Gordon Levitt will be Batman in JL.


Ryan Reynolds no offense, should have never been GL, He should have been Flash.


And i know Nolan said he is done with Bruce Wayne's story, but a JL movie ain't about Bruce Wayne, its about Batman & his fellow peers saving the world as a team. Bruce Wayne doesn't even need to show his face, just Batman does. But like i said, Bale needs to be under that cowl. Another thing i don't get is why do people find it hard to grasp to different worlds being on the same planet. Me and the rest of you have many differences, but we have once in common, the JL movie we want to see made. It's the same for these heroes, they have many differences, but its the fact they have such big differences with one another that makes them a good team. Superman is no detective or warrior, he just uses his powers for as much good as he can. Wonder Woman has no responisibiltys for man or its world, but she is a amazon warrior with heart. Batman, well we know his story. Flash got his powers by accident, so its only right to presume that Flash eventually used these accidental powers for what good he can. Martian Manhunter is a more evolved being than a Human and has a different way of thinking, but ultimately he is a force for good. The Flash is from a city with minimal crime compared to Superman and Batman, where as Wonder Woman isin't even from a city, and the Martian Manhunter isin't even from earth. A whole load of differences, but one goal. And everyone remember, Wonder Woman is a amazon warrior. She if feirce, abit like Xena, and is strong independent woman. They would need her to be just as rough or even rougher than Batman, because unlike Batman or Superman, Wonder Woman has killed many times. Its a simple concept, all it needs is the right work on it. But knowing DC's luck, WB will fuck the whole JL project up we un-needed reboots, replacing actors and a bad script written by someone with no real understanding of the characters. Lastly, what differs DC's movie world and Marvel's movie world is the tone. The Green Lantern movie had a marvel tone, which is why i think it failed. Just because it worked for Marvel doesn't mean its gonna work for DC anymore. They already did that comedy/action tone in the 60's 70's 80's 90's. Its time to follow what Nolan did with Batman, follow the mature serious tone of DC. All we need is just a writer and director with a vision like Nolans and the men/woman who have contributed to DC's graphic novels, and it will be the not the movie WB need, but the movie WE deserve.


I can't believe how WB and some people think! We all know what happens when you change the actor of Batman too soon, don't we (Batman Forever, Batman & Robin). The only way this can work is if Bale stays! Some people would argue that Nolan & Bales Batman is too dark, but isin't that the point? Batman has always always been the darker of the group in JL, and has left the JL or been a part-time member many times. Man Of Steel seems to tie with Nolan's Universe wheither they claim it does or not, it has the same feel. Justice League should not be a campy comedy film, it should keep the serious tone otherwise its gonna be an Avenger bite. Ryan Reynolds or Green Lantern should not make an appearance at all, not after what they did too him. The round up is pretty simple if you think about it, Bales Batman, Cavills Superman, and we just need Flash, Wonder Woman and Martian Manhunter. Now personally a smart move by WB would be to throw Flash, Wonder Woman and Martian Manhunter into the film and let them have the own films after. It would be a great way to introduce to characters to non comic book readers, as they will alll know who Batman and Superman is so they will go to watch it just because they are both in the same film, not to mention Wonder Woman, Flash and green alien. No Legion of Doom. It wouldn't make sense Lex forming a Legion of Doom when there isin't even a Justice League. The whole reason why Superhero teams form is because there is usual a world wide threat that each of them alone can't deal with. Let Darkseid invade the Themyscira and then the world. If they reboot Batman, it will fail, and that is a garuntee. If they follow the same root as the Avengers it will fail. They have conceived the best Batman and Superhero films ever with the Dark Knight trilogy, and its because of the Trilogy why we have faith in Man Of Steel. Now to take that tone away just for a JL movie, well it would just spoil the franchises and the JL movie. A JL movie should be made very very carefully, and Nolan should produce and direct along with Snyder, Snyder for CGI and fight scenes and Nolan for the rest. David S Goyer to pen the script, with Nolan. If Nolan isin't involved it will fail. Why? Because Nolan is the only one putting DC heroes on the map these days, so in Nolan we must trust. Don't fix something that isin't broken.


Just because we saw an excellent Trilogy in Batman end, if a Justice League or Superman/Batman movie is in question, they better hire Christian Bale. Christian to Batman is Robert Downing Jr. to Iron Man. Nolan and whomever else better keep Christian in that suit. But all this talk means nothing if "Man of Steel" isn't an extraordinary film. Loved the Trailer, but I want to be so impressed by that movie that I watch it at least 3 times that weekend.


I think they would be smart, in perhaps doing a superman-batman movie. Then based on how that does, with ideas within the movie that will indicate other heroes for a justice league.


I think the arrogance of Warner Bros/DC has cost them dearly… the guy who directed The Avengers was previously linked to a Wonder Woman movie, who knows what he could have done with that and what he could have done with the Justice League characters. They must have known his ambitions and when they pulled the plug on him and he went onto the Marvel characters they must have thought he would fail..
Chris Nolans take on Batman we have to admit was a more mature interpretation on a comic book character than all the Marvel characters movies, and that kind of maturity has to continue with if they are going to make movies about all their characters. Because that is what audiences are responding to.
We also have to remember that Chris Nolan did not kill off Batman or Bruce Wayne and those character are the rights of Warner Bros/DC, they can still use these characters in Justice League as a mature mentor with his protege John Blake as Batman… They could also get someone like Eric Bana play Bruce Wayne he look similar to Christian Bale especially with a beard and is just as good actor.
I also think that Superman is the perfect platform to connect the comic characters universe isn't he in the NEWS business… In reality the world revolves around News via the internet, why can't there be glimpse of "Batman dies in Gotham" or "Wonder Woman??" on a monitor or something?? it just makes sense.
And their common enemy is Cadmus like in the comics, the secret government agents that are suspicious of the Super heroes.
I believe they should make a Wonder Woman movie before justice league with no femme fatale theme to it like most of their female hero movies because most of them fail.
And if they were to make a green lantern they should use Jesse Williams I think he would be a lot more interesting. Marvel hasn't really used any black super heroes or female lead heroes films yet they have featured Black Widow in Ironman and Marvell but she's the only one they haven't made a lead movie of her own if DC succeeds being the first doing that they will be much more ahead.


Its just not a smart play for Warner, the success of the Avengers came off the back of years of planning,marketing and hype in the form of Iron Man 1 and 2, Hulk 1 and 2 as well as Thor and Captain America where they gradually tied in all the supporting characters. Warner find themselves in a bad position where their only completely reliable member of JL: Batman just hung up his cape along with the directorial drawcard in Chris Nolan. The Green Lantern was an unmitigated disaster which can only be saved if they cast someone as big as Will Smith whilst the premise of a Wonder Woman has been mentioned for years without getting off the ground. Even if The Man of Steel is a huge hit its difficult to see the project coming together using the Avengers/Marvel formula unless they can gather a huge cast with Bale, Cavill, Will Smith and one of the many big-name actresses that have been mentioned in connection with the role directed by Nolan. Easy solution, give up whilst your ahead Warner Bros, the logistics and cost of putting together a great cast and director not to mention the premise of the film is not worth the headache, they would struggle to market it as beautifully as the Avengers with the already existing franchises up against them.


How was Watchmen a dissapointment? It was a fantastic movie and made more than it's money back. I never picked up a Watchmen comic in my life and perfectly understood the movie.

Greg Davis

U people are all idiots or nerds or both, save ur comic book knowledge for someone that cares, this entire industry is about one thing and one thing only, money, money, money. So quit nit picking stupid crap, they want to know how they can make $ like universal did but. Remember Robert Downey and 2 iron movies set up a avengers. There was a lot of hype, u (normal people) wanted to see avengers. What demand has been created by dc for the normies who pay to go the movies to see a justice league? None, the same reason there was no demand to see John fn Carter, that movie should have never had a budget over 30mill.

Alex. Rodriguez

I think they should take there time and do it right. just because rvel did it and work. doesn't mean it will work for them. the right components need to be put in place. the right writers producers director.


Well a big problem is Superman is a terrible premiss. He is basically invincible, so they had to invent kryptonite to give him some weakness. He is over powered. Another problem is he is too good, all the good superhero movies have characters with flaws, personal demons, and internal conflicts.

J Rocka

If you treat MAN OF STEEL like Action Comics #1, you can be good to go with an all inclusive universe. Throw some mild references in. Or pull off a scene post credits ala Marvels Nick Fury. I like the idea of it being Lex Luthor. Then in the next film whether it be Aquaman (which would be rad) or Wonder Woman, Lex shows up again to recruit villains to build a Legion of Doom like group. It would be nice if they could get 2 releases out in 2014 as well maybe Flash and Hawkman or something. If they could get their plans together, they could have another JLA member movie out by Christmas 2013. That way JLA can happen in 2015. Batman does not need another origin film, we get who he is. Just spin him back into his own franchise post JLA. Good to go. I even would take Ryan Reynolds back as GL if he is part of an ensemble. GL was bad because of studio and direction.

What is cool about Marvel is they let out a date, and a movie comes. The Flash and Wonder Woman have been teased and hinted for years now. It is getting to be a let down.


Using any of these characters as one offs (non Bale, non Cavill, non established) is a horrible idea and will severely hurt the chances of a JL League movie being any good but at the same time I feel like that's fine, I just want it to come out and get it over with so we can actually move on to the next Batman franchise, which has every possibility to be awesome, even following Nolan's footsteps.

Rich Galuppi

First of all, while maybe not a commercial success, I wouldn't call Watchmen a dissapointment and while Snyder is no Nolan, Nolan is "Man of Steels" producer which these days translates into director # 2 so I don't think Cavel's "Superman" like Bale's "Batman" will find their way into a JL ensemble. Another reason it would not work is that if "Man of Steel" follows the same structure as "Dark Knight" which it looks like it will, their won't be much comic relief which IMO made the "Avengers" work so well together so the JL would have to portray Superman and Batman a little less broding if not a little more campier.


there's no make a movie with just wonder woman. nobody but girls would want to watch that. you have to insert a character that people DO want to watch. after the new superman movie comes out, making a sequal involving her would be their best bet. slowing setting up the justice league by making a movie with just superman is the only way to do it. if they want christian bale to come back, they have to start making a movie that follows the latest "robin" character and then introduce the justice league at the end of that movie and hint at the robin character getting his "mentoir" back. that's just my opinoin.

mr a

if they don't make a wonder woman,aqua man and flash movie work first then justice league can't fly!

Greg davIs

Throw 50 million at bale and Nolan and they will save it. What do the execs want? a good movie, no. They want money so, let them do it. We would at least be entertained with there movie of justice league. People would pay to see that.


WB has no idea how to handle their DC stable. Green Lantern flopping threw a huge monkey wrench into their plans. Most of the JLA characters just don't seem like they would translate well to the big screen. Batman, Superman and The Flash seem like the only characters worth adapting. Aquaman? Wonder Woman? Martian Manhunter? Green Arrow? The Atom???? Really? Think about those characters in a live action movie and tell me it doesn't feel like "Mystery Men 2".

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