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Yay Or Nay? Jimmy Fallon In Talks To Host The Oscars

Yay Or Nay? Jimmy Fallon In Talks To Host The Oscars

With Billy Crystal wheezing through a pretty uninspired encore gig last year at the Oscars (replacing Eddie Murphy who departed after Brett Ratner stepped down from producing the show after his “Tower Heist” press tour meltdown), and a pretty lethargic James Franco and hyper Anne Hathaway flopping twelve months before, it’s no surprise that the Academy is looking for fresh blood. It appears they’re hoping their answer can be found in channeling some of the talent originating from “Saturday Night Live.”

According to the L.A. Times, actor turned late night host Jimmy Fallon, is in talks to host the ceremonies in February, with ‘SNL’ vet Lorne Michaels to produce. But right now, nothing is guaranteed. One of the big sticking points is that the Oscars are broadcast on ABC, and while the network has no veto power over the host (shoulda looked at those contracts closer guys), they are understandably not pleased to have their rivals at NBC swoop in and nab the gig and presumably gain the subsequent glory. Jimmy Kimmel and Fallon battle for ratings regularly, but there’s an even bigger knot: even if ABC pushes for Kimmel, he’s hosting the Emmy Awards this year, which would disqualify him from the job anyway (Fallon hosted the TV awards in 2010 to some acclaim).

But is he the right choice? Fallon’s schtick of being professionally unprofessional and awkward and in constant disbelief that he’s even on TV is endearing on his show, but not necessarily the right fit for the Oscars. If he brings The Roots with him to be the house band for the show? Yeah, that would rule. But really, the host is just one part of a bigger problem that always plagues the Oscars: they’re too long, often feature bizarre detours (like all that Cirque Du Soleil stuff last year) and the writing is usually terrible. We think the choice of the producer is going to be more important. Lorne Michael is inspired, and hopefully he’ll be allowed to bring some ‘SNL’ staffers with him to liven up the material… also, a Lonely Island appearance in the Dolby Theater? That’s how you get the kids to tune in (the demographic ABC desperately likley wants for this).

You tell us, does Jimmy Fallon work for you, or would you prefer someone else?

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Kevin, I still don't understand why people trash Anne Hathaway for hosting. She did the best she could with the horrible writing , stoned Co-host, and dealing with one of the worst produced shows in award show history. Trust me, the overrated Emma Stone ( Playlist's favorite) couldn't have saved that trainwreck of a show.


If he co-hosted with his best friend / eternal enemy (for six months), Stephen Colbert that would definitely work for me.


Has there ever been an Oscar host who only starred in two movies?

Not even taking into consideration those two movies are Taxi and Fever Pitch.

Dri Guerra

I believe Jimmy Fallon is an awesome choice! I will definitely watch the Oscars next year if Jimmy Fallon is the host.


I wouldn't mind him having a go and see if he could do something different. But I'm with the majority in views about The Oscars. It needs shaking up because its getting very predictable and snobbish now.


Just reading his name makes me want to violate a toaster with a knife. While I don't agree with the last persons opinion on The Artist (I loved it), I do agree that it really doesn't matter any more. It's not worth watching any more. Until they start being riskier with their nominations, it's going to continue to be too predictable and boring to actually enjoy for how long it goes for. In my opinion 'Drive', directed by Nicolas Winding Refn should of won best picture or at least been nominated for it but all that movie got was a nomination for its sound? And Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close was nominated for best picture? Give me a break. That's got to be one of the most emotionally manipulitive and down right terribly movies I've seen of the last decade. Give Jimmy Fallon the job. Someone's bound to assassinate him before the day is out.


The year they decided Brett Ratner was too dangerous to produce the show, lost Eddie Murphy, killed the applause-o-meter for the dead people segment, and made Best Picture a silent movie with a lame title killed it for me. This has been such a load of shit for so long it doesn't deserve a good host. Stop pretending it matters and get Ryan Seacrest.




Sure why not. He may not be prestigious but he'd bring in the young crowd with his fun musical acts plus bringing classic and present snl vets like bill murray Kristen wiig will ferrell tina fey can be awesome


Deadline says it's not gonna happen anymore, But they could just be pissed they didn't break the story 1st. Anyway I don't like Fallon that much but I wouldn't hate it if ths happens


The Oscars ought to go back to its original format: awards given out during a dinner, with liberal libations, and Ricky Gervais as host.


The Oscars ought to go back to its original format: awards given out during a dinner, with liberal libations, and Ricky Gervais as host.



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