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18 Minutes With Winona Ryder

18 Minutes With Winona Ryder

As this blog has most definitely made clear over the years, I have a thing for Winona Ryder.  The accidental beard of my boyhood, I was borderline (alright, beyond borderline) obsessed for a good decade. So you can only imagine the opportunity to interview her earlier this week in Toronto (where she’s promoting “The Iceman”) was a cherished one. For nearly 18 minutes, I actively avoided a heart attack while Winona’s intense, beautiful eyes stared back into mine as I anxiously went through my questions (though she seemed pretty anxious herself… Soul mates!)

Read the resulting profile here, but here’s audio of the entire interview:

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Edward Copeland

I know how you feel. Kicking in hard with Beetlejuice, through Heathers and around that time, Winona was my great imaginary unrequited love — until her Reality Bites co-star, who already had been working on me throuh The Ben Stiller Show and The Larry Sanders Show, wooed me away.

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