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5 Actors Who Could Be The Next ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ (In The Upcoming CBS TV Adaptation)

5 Actors Who Could Be The Next 'Beverly Hills Cop' (In The Upcoming CBS TV Adaptation)

Eddie Murphy makes things happen!  In the ten months since he stated that he was trying to produce a television show of the hit Franchise Beverly Hills Cop in which he originally starred, the show has become a reality, finding its home at CBS.  I know this wasn’t likely a hard sell – we are talking about a well known franchise that grossed over $735 Million dollars.  Add to that Murphy, who hasn’t been on television since his debut on Saturday Night Live, will appear in a few special episodes in the first season.  Yes, I am aware he voiced a character on the animated series The PJ’s, but I am talking about in front of the camera. 

Murphy, along with Shawn Ryan, will serve as executive producer.  Ryan will also be serving as showrunner.  The series is being billed as “a buddy cop show… an hourlong crime procedural with strong comedic elements.” The series will have a similar fish-out-of-water setup as the film, and will focus on Axel Foley’s son, Aaron, a blue collar police officer, trying to make a name for himself, absent of his prominent father’s influence, in Beverly Hills.

So who should take over the mantle of The New Beverly Hills Cop?

While names like Jay Pharoah, Damon Wayans Jr., and Donald Glover have been tossed out as possibilities, it’s important to note that all of these men are currently committed to other shows.  It was announced here on Shadow & Act a few days ago that Glover has inked a deal to produce a show based on his life at NBC.

Given that the show is being produced by Ryan, who gave us shows like, The Shield and The Unit, it may fall more in the category of dramedy. 

In an interview with Hipfix TV Ryan said ” . . . .We’ll be doing a mixture of scripted and improvisational comedy that I don’t think (to my knowledge) has been done in the 1-hour drama universe before.”  

So, they will need a versatile actor in his 20’s to step up to the plate.  I say 20’s because 1994 was the last time we saw Mr. Foley, and he had yet to have any children; plus Murphy is aging quite well and it needs to believable. Given the character description I would also expect the son to be different than the father, to create a bit of dramatic tension . . . maybe a bit more serious.

Here are my 5 selections for the part of Aaron Foley, Axel’s son, who will star in the propsed series:

Michael B. Jordan

Jordan is a veteran of film and television.  He is best known for his dramatic roles as Wallace on HBO’s The Wire and Vince Howard on NBC’s Friday Night Lights, he started out his career being hand picked by Bill Cosby to star as Michael; a recurring character on the short lived Cosby series.  While most of his most noteworthy work has been in dramas, he also starred in a short lived half hour comedy series called The Assistants and had a sixteen episode run on the NBC dramedy The Parenthood.  It’s also rumored that he will be part of a new comedy animated series titled Fridgeport.  In short he keeps busy . . . if they want him they may have to move fast.

Brandon T. Jackson

Jackson started out as a comedian and still makes appearances at clubs and colleges.  After graduating from high school he moved to los angeles and eventually opened for Chris Tucker and Wayne Brady.  While best known for his role as Alpa-Chino in the 2008 comedy hit Tropic Thunder he has been in quite a few films; Lottery Ticket, Roll Bounce, and Percy Jackson and the Olympians.  Currently no major dramas are on his resume, but somehow I think he can handle it.  I would like to see him do it for the outtakes alone.

John Boyega

Since his breakout debut as Moses in Attack the Block we have been waiting to see where he lands (If you haven’t seen Attack the Block, please do, it was one of the highlights of 2011 . . . in my opinion).  Boyega was attached to star in HBO’s boxing drama Da Brick directed by Spike Lee.  A pilot episode was filmed but the network decided to pass.  In 2012, Boyega landed the plum role of Ugwu in the upcoming Half of A Yellow Sun, co-starring Chiwetel Ejiofor, Thandie Newton and Anika Noni Rose.  A look at his IMDB page shows that nothing is currently on the horizon.  In his short career, he’s made quite an impact . . . curious what he might do with an opportunity like this.

Alphonso McAuley

Alphonso has been seen in films like Pride, Fat Albert, and Glory Road.  But he is best known for his Television work: Comedy Central’s Chocolate News, TV One’s Love that Girl and Fox’s Breaking In.  It was announced in April that Breaking-In, where he played Cassius “Cash” Sparks, a resident fanboy and gadget guy among a group of genius criminals working for a securities firm, was not going to be picked up for another season.  McAuley’s roots in stand-up and sketch comedy coupled with his film and television work could make him a solid choice. 

Maronzio Vance

Who? I explored all the options and stumbled upon this young comedian’s sarcastic storytelling style comedy videos on youtube.  Turns out he was a top ten finalist on NBC‘s Last Comic Standing.  He’s performed on: The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Jamie Kennedy Experiment, Wanda Sykes: Wanda Does It, Comicview, and the list goes on.  In addition he has contributed to the animated series The Boondocks.  Whether Maronzio or some other young comedian, I wouldn’t count the unknown commodity out.

Given the parameters, who would you choose to be the next Beverly Hills Cop?

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The only two possible choices that really make sense are Michael B. Jordan and Maronzio Vance. The others wouldn't fly. I even heard someone mention Allen Payne? No disrespect to the poster but there's not that much of an age gap between Eddie and Allen. This is supposed to Axel's son right?


Maronzio Vance is the only one to coonsider for this role. He is amazing and so talented. He will become the perfect incon.


I would love to see Maronzio Vance in this role. He would be perfect for this role. We have not seen enough of this great comic and writer. Google his work he is awesome




Michael B. Jordan could carry a comedy. He was funny on that shortlived Teenick show "The Assistants" and he's a good actor in general, ever since "Hardball"
I feel like this show will be like "Common Law" , where Michael Ealy turned out to be funny.

I think Jay Pharoah and Brandon T. Jackson would play it like Eddie Murphy too much.

Alfonso and Damon would be good.

The wise-cracking charming persona has to be carried well. I can think of young actors that I think would be surprisingly good but might play too young like Tyler James Williams (("Everybody Hates Chris), but he's on Nbc/Matthew Perry's "Go On" now. His costar was good but even younger looking. Brandon T. Jackson's only really serious scene was on the rooftop with Bow Wow in "Lottery Ticket" when he seemed deceitful. I think Bow Wow would actually be good for it too. All his roles are drama/comedy blends except the Hurricane Katrina movie with Forest Whitaker, like "Roll Bounce" . He has the charming smile and boyishness with the bravado of a rapper that might lead his sarcasm/wisecracks.

Nick Cannon and Lil JJ did standup too. Nick Cannon has so much with his health issues and hosting, producing, managing etc issues ( his movies are…ok, but I think it was the scripts, he improv-ed through "Wild n Out"). Lil JJ is on Rickey Smiley's show but he's led a series before with "Just Jordan"

Whatever happened to the 'kids' from "The Wood" the young Roland/Taye Diggs character would fit and Sean Nelson was such a good child/teen actor from "Fresh" to "The Corner"…don't know how funny he was. I feel like Michael B. Jordan and Tristan Wilds are the new him…

Curtis Caesar John

Thanks Akimbo for saying how f'ing annoying Brandon T. Jackson is. He's alright in small doses (like Tropic Thunder) but to carry a show? Nah son. Jordan is a great actor but doesn't have the comedy chops to do a role like this. And I doubt Jay Pharaoh would be allowed out of his SNL contract to come to CBS. That said, no one has mentioned Baron Vaughn from 'Fairly Legal' on the USA Network! He has the look, sarcasm, and even an Axel Foley smile! And although he only lasted 1.5 minutes, was also good in the beginning of the Black Dynamite movie. The suggestion below of Tone Bell would be interesting too.


Michael B. Jordan. Love him. He's so versatile – don't forget RED TAILS. :)


Damon Wayans Jr would be perfect in that role… but he's on one of my fav shows already….
these guys on their list.. I'm just not seeing it..
Maronzio Vance
Alphonso McAuley
John Boyega
Brandon T. Jackson
Michael B. Jordan


As much as I like some of the guys above this needs to be someone that can carry a show. Someone that everyone would watch and someone maybe middle age looking not early twenties looking. I'm thinking like Alphonso Ribeiro, Allen Payne might be good if he could pass for Eddie's son. People like that. I want to write for this show already. I would bring in like Michael Wright as a crime scene investigator. Charlie Murphy would play an undercover cop. Eddie would be in every show sometimes just in bit parts. I don't know how much they plan to do with the father son thing like will there be a lot of animosity. I would even consider not making it his son and casting a white guy for him to give a hard time like Training Day. But not really let's keep this as all Black as possible lol. Heck Nick Cannon might even be a good idea. Can we do a Bad Boys TV show?


Jay Pharaoh all day.. the rest just don't cut it. And Jay Pharaoh is a gamble because he never acted before however he is very good at making impersonations ..(so was eddie) so lets see. We need another funny man since Dave Chapelle


First and foremost, Eddie is posing for his life in that pic! Yaas! Second, if I had to choose from the list above I would go with Brandon T. Jackson.

Critical Acclaim

I think this has Romany Malco written all over it. That cat is funny as hell with good timing.


All of your choices above are lousy at improv, so none of these SHOULD make it past the audition process.


I really liked Michael B. Jordan in Chronicle, so I think he might be able to pull it off.

Dankwa Brooks

As much as I was blown away by JOHN BOYEGA's performance in 'Attack the Block' I don't know if he could do comedy. Same for MICHAEL B. JORDAN. I don't know if Jordan is ready to be a Lead yet. I'm gonna BRANDON T. JACKSON. He was really great in 'Tropic Thunder'. Everyone else I have to see them in something.


Of the names, I think Alphonso might be the best fit for CBS, as he's more mature and fits into their broader, old-school brand of humor. Also, Brandon T Jackson is annoying as fuck. He's a bit older (maybe he could be Axel's nephew), but the more I read about this, the more I'd like to see this opportunity go to Malcolm Barrett. He is hilarious, charismatic, and very versatile. I'm sure he got a pilot this year, but I don't know the status off the top of my head.

D.C. Kirkwood

I'm excited for this. I think definitely Brandon T. Jackson, or Columbus Short. Columbus was going to play in the last Leathal Weapon as Danny Glovers son. before Mel Gibson had it shelved. I know he is committed to Scandal but I don't care for his role on that show. I think his comedic timing with Chris Evans in the Losers makes him a good candidate for this one. Brandon is good as well he just looks a little too young in some of his roles. Maybe if Brandon picked up weight and added some muscle mass he could pull this off. There are some other young actors who could pull it off but the comedic side is the problem.

D. Haynes

It's gotta be someone who is believable as a wise-cracking take-no-mess cop, and he's gotta have a lot of charisma to go along with that; he can't be too serious. I can't think of anyone off the top of my head, but hopefully the one they choose is the right man for the job.

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