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A Daytime TV Exclusive: Trayvon Martin’s Parents To Appear On Dr. Phil This Friday (Previews)

A Daytime TV Exclusive: Trayvon Martin's Parents To Appear On Dr. Phil This Friday (Previews)

Via press release from CBS/Paramount… preview of the show follows underneath the release:


(Hollywood, CA – September 13, 2012) – The parents of slain teenager Trayvon Martin sit down with Dr. Phil on Friday, September 14, 2012 (check local listings) in an effort to try and get past the terrible tragedy that has beset the family.

Trayvon’s father Tracy Martin, his mother Sybrina Fulton and older brother Jahvaris speak to Dr. Phil about how they are coping as individuals and as a family, and ask for his guidance in moving forward.

They’re left with the questions about what should they or could they have done to prevent this,” said Dr. Phil. “They’re trying to make sense out of this tragic loss and they’re lost.

Trayvon Martin was shot and killed earlier this year following an altercation with neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman who is now in custody and facing a second degree murder charge. On Tuesday of this week, Dr. Phil opened the 11th season of his number one rated syndicated daytime talk show by interviewing Mark and Sondra Osterman, who say they are Zimmerman’s closest friends.

2 previews follow:

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Why is all this yahoo demon trash gravitating to this site lately repeating the same talking points they heard on faux news


So wait a minute.. George Zimmerman got out of his car with a CONCEALED licensed pistol (not illegal). George Zimmerman followed Trayvon Martin (not illegal) George zimmerman created a hostile situation (open to interpretation still NOT illegal). George Zimmerman asked Trayvon Martin "What are you doing?" (not illegal) Trayvon Martin then punched George Zimmerman directly in the face, and caused cuts and bruises to his nose, eyes and back of the head. (illegal: felony assault). George Zimmerman was pinned down being pummeled while screaming hysterically (like a child I might add) for help for almost a minute (thats a good 45 seconds of ILLEGAL felony assault).. And somehow this is not really self defense but in fact Second degree murder? Does that about sum it up? Something tells me a jury would disagree.

Robert Hughes

Dr Phil , I have to DISAGREE with your last 2 shows that you had. You were one sided. I have been a Police Officer and I would have to do the same as Mr Zimmerman. Look at the facts I have heard on your show. 1- Trayvon assaulted Mr Zimmerman. 2- Mr. Zimmerman has proof of injurys. 3- Mr Zimmerman was legal to carry his weapon to defend himself. You said if Mr Zimmerman had not gotten out of his truck no one would have gotten shot? If Trayvon had not assaulted Mr Zimmerman he would not have been shot. You stated Trayvon was A kid? Look at the store shot he is much taller than the store employee. His father stated, at age 9 he pulled his father, a grown man, out of a house.One one is a winner in this. I'm sorry for the Martin family, wish it could be different. But NO I cannot say Mr Zimmerman was wrong in defending himself. I would have done the same.

Ticked off

Okay Dr. Phil, You are so damn smart, why are you trying Mr. Zimmerman on piblic tv. How about reading all the reports about this little outlaw. He has a police record it would take and hour to read, he had just been thrown out of school , AGIAN. And what part of NOT ON DUTY do you not understand abouy Mr. Zimmerman status.o what he was a neighbour hood watch capitan. He was NOT on duty and was LEGALLY permitted to cary a side arm.
Plu at the age of 17 I wa beeeing trained to kill people. So get off your high horse and find something to do that might make a positive difference. Take one of your stupide polls and ee how many real americans feel about it. I Mr.Zimmerman going to jail ? Of coure he is. He has to in order to keep the blacks from burning down another town.


I think it was the wrong decision for Trayvon Martin's parents to go on Dr. Phil because that man is so unprofessional. Also, the legal case for George Zimmerman hasn't even started yet why talk to the media now? It doesn't make any sense. What good could it do for Trayvon's parents to be on Dr. Phil? American media is so strange glorifying and making a spectacle of a young man's death. The parents should be mourning privately not talking about their pain on television to the press.


I wish they hadn't. Especially not with credibility-killing Dr. Phil.

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