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Actresses Line Up To Play Carly Simon & Carole King In ‘Girls Like Us’ With Taylor Swift As Joni Mitchell

Actresses Line Up To Play Carly Simon & Carole King In 'Girls Like Us' With Taylor Swift As Joni Mitchell

How many women does it take to greenlight a movie about folk legends Joni Mitchell, Carly Simon and Carole King? Well, more than one at any rate as the developing biopic “Girls Like Us” continues moving at Sony. Back in the spring Taylor Swift and Alison Pill were contending for the parts of Mitchell and King, and while the former seems to have gone through, the latter is facing some competition, as more actresses line up to play Simon. And it’s a pretty strong list of talent in the mix.

Allison Williams (“Girls“), Jessica Pare (“Mad Men“) and Analeigh Tipton will be testing for the part of Simon, with Olivia Thirlby, Ari Graynor and Zoe Kazan vying with Pill for the part of King. Certainly, if you’re looking to find a catalogue of rising young talent, you can’t do much better than this. In the works for a while now, the film is a John Sayles-penned adaptation of Sheila Weller’s book “Girls Like Us,” that will track the careers of Carly Simon, Joni Mitchell and Carole King, who all emerged out of the ’60s folk scene and not only became pioneering musicians, but also important feminist figures as well.

While we’re still not quite sold on Swift as Mitchell, lining up an array of fresh, but still more seasoned screen talent around her is not a bad idea. And it appears having proven pipes isn’t necessarily esssential in getting a meeting, though Pare undoubtedly fell onto the radar of many after singing “Zoo Bisou Bisou” to Don Draper. Apparently, the studio is looking to get the chemistry right in the casting first, before flipping the switch on the movie, that will also mark the feature film debut of “House” executive producer Katie Jacobs.

So, if you had to configure the three leads, who would you choose? Any potential talent that Sony should also consider? Weigh in below. [Variety]

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Please not Taylor Swift. I'm already sick of her as a performer (she mugs at the camera like a monkey while she sings those insipid songs), she's not an actress, plus she's just weird looking. Joni Mitchell deserves better.


The real question is, who will play Laura Nyro? And will she even be featured in the film? God I hope so. This was a great book, discovered and rediscovered great artists.


Just 'NO' to this whole thing (John Sayles though…)


Ari Graynor is brilliant, shes perfect for Carole King


Was really hoping Mia Wasikowska would play Joni — she looks like Joni and would be a better actress than Taylor Swift. Would love to see Zoe Kazan and Jessica Pare as Carole and Carly, respectively. Please keep Allison Pill away from this.

David Gilbert

Carly Rae Jepson as Carly Simon
Alanis Morrisette as Carol King


Taylor Kitsch as James Taylor. Alison Williams as Joni Mitchell; she can lip sync the songs, and she bears a greater resemblance to Joni Mitchell (including the cheekbone) than Taylor Swift does.


I would pick Jessica Pare anytime for Simon. I can't remember but one of her VC resembles so much of her and i think its terrific if Pare does 'Blackbird' on a guitar.


Tipton as Carly Simon, Zoe Kazan as Carol King; Tom Hiddleston as James Taylor.


Gotta break it down to Zoe or Olivia in the final two for King. Don't care who Plays Simon, though would prefer it not be the girl from Girls.


It is bad enough Taylor Swift is doing this project, but I wouldn't want the very limited talents of Jessica Biel and Mandy Moore anywhere near this project.


Mandy Moore as Carly Simon, Jessica Biel or Alanis Morissette as Carole King, Johnny Depp or Jack White or John Meyer as James Taylor. This is the casting. Nuff said.


Jessica Biel for Carly Simon. John Mayer for James Taylor.

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