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Attention Vimeo Filmmakers! Make Money on Your Films Today!

Attention Vimeo Filmmakers! Make Money on Your Films Today!

Video-streaming platform Vimeo has announced today two new plans to help filmmakers who upload content to the site to make revenue.  

Starting today, Vimeo Plus or Pro members with videos uploaded to the site will be able to raise money by activating the new Tip Jar feature. A pay-to-view service will be launched in early 2013 for Vimeo Pro subscribers.

Vimeo, which boasts 75 million monthly unique visitors and has over 13 million registered members, has focused its business on providing a clean viewing experience for web video. But the site is well known for not allowing advertisements to run before or after videos, which is a revenue source for some filmmakers who use other services such as YouTube to stream their content.

New platforms for VOD distribution are becoming more and more common. YouTube has entered the business in recent years, and new sites devoted to digital distribution such as VHX (profiled on Indiewire yesterday) continue to crop up.

Vimeo’s Tip Jar, which can be activated by Vimeo Plus and Pro users beginning Wednesday, Sept. 19, allows any viewer to donate funds to filmmakers before, during or after watching a film. Vimeo will then pay 85 percent of the gross revenue raised through the Tip Jar to the creator.

Beginning early next year, Vimeo’s pay-to-view feature will be open to Vimeo Pro subscribers who want an alternative to other rental and VOD models. The service will be beta testing a curated slate of films this fall before opening up the service to all Pro members in early 2013.

For more information on the plans at Vimeo, check out the video below:

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KLM Film Contest

Hi! Your fillmmaker friends might be interested in this:

Here's your chance not only to promote your work but promote the beauty and values of being an Asian, of Being a Filipino!

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines launched "Asian Journeys of Inspiration" filmmaking contest focused on presenting its values in an Asian context. Show how any of KLM’s values are shared by Asia. Your video should feel like it has been made by Asians for Asia. You can focus on a specific country, or the whole of Asia. We are looking for something refreshingly genuine, not hard-selling.We care about everything shown in the hand picture on the right.

Anyone is welcome and encouraged to join – Film Students, aspiring filmmakers wanting to make it big – The contest is open to all!

Your chance to showcase your talent to the world!Come with us on this new journey of inspiration to help us share our values with Asia through your own vision.

The most important thing is that the winning video will be showcased on, before the end of this year – You will become famous.

Hurry you must have your entry in before the competition closes 31st October 2012.

Check out all the in this KLM site details and register:

May this become the start of your new future!
Share the word Goodluck to all those who would participate!

coffee millionaire

Well, it's going to show you behind the scenes of a $7.3 million dollar business model that you can literally 'knock off' starting right now. And it's 100% the real deal – no shenanigans.

Tom D

Don't activate it on any videos using uncleared 3rd party music – you gonna get burned!

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