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Decide Who Talks to the Tribeca Film Institute! Vote for September’s Project of the Month!

Decide Who Talks to the Tribeca Film Institute! Vote for September's Project of the Month!

September is almost over, and it’s time to choose one of our Projects of the Week to be named September’s Project of the Month. The project that receives the most votes for Project of the Month will receive a consultation from our Project of the Month partner, Tribeca Film Institute!

Voting will be open until Friday September 28 at 5 PM.

“The Wave Maker”

What if a former Olympic medic’s theory of physics, drawn from observation of the human body under stress, could not only revolutionize the treatment of chronic disease but also rewrite the rules of science by proposing that matter, instead of being made up of atoms, is made of waves endlessly waving within waves? Welcome to the pulsing, patterned, boundary-dissolving universe of visionary medical maverick Dr. Irving Dardik who proposes a paradigm shift in physics to heal the world.

“Sole Survivor”

In the history of aviation, there have been 14 large commercial plane crashes with one lone survivor. Sole Survivor offers the first glimpse into the lives of four of these sole survivors. There’s a misconception that if somebody survives a tragedy, they should feel lucky. Pressure is placed on survivors to move on, to feel grateful for being spared a dire fate without acknowledging the psychological, social, emotional, spiritual and physical ramifications of survival. Through their varying experiences yet similar reflections, Sole Survivor puts a face on survivorship, underscoring the fact that survivors are victims too.

“Detroit, je t’aime”

DETROIT JE T’AIME is an interactive documentary on Detroit’s DIY culture, featuring inspiring stories & cool tips for you to create your own projects. Today the Motor City, formerly known for its assembly line, is building a new collaborative economy thanks to its unique DIY spirit. DETROIT JE T’AIME tells three interwoven stories about community-building in the post-industrial era; it follows a group of female bike mechanics, an urban farmer and an activist hacker, each of whom are making Detroit into a sustainable city through small-scale DIY projects.

“Some Kind of Spark”

“Some Kind of Spark,” is a feature-length documentary that follows at risk inner-city kids through the Music Advancement Program at The Juilliard School. Independently produced and directed by Plow Productions—the only production company to have been granted unfettered access to the program—the film is an intimate look behind the scenes, from auditions to recitals, at home and in school—as the students are exposed to, and inspired by, the profound impact of music. Shot in HD over 2 years, the film will serve as an entertaining and educational reminder of the power and importance music plays in all of our lives.

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Dr. Clarence Meyer

I vote for the Wave Maker This theory impacts on all aspects of life as we know it. It needs to be presented to everyone.


I vote Sole Survivor. I have been fascinated by this since the loss of a great friend on flight 255.
I often wonder what she must feel like being the only one. Perhaps this in depth film can offer explanation.

Ricardo Del Mundo

I am voting for The Wave Maker. There is a LOT MORE than meets the eye in Dr. Dardik's theory of human rhythms and cosmic rhythms. Albeit, I greatly appreciate the other films, The Wave Maker is a film that will help introduce the paradigm changing perception of human consciousness, expressed through realization we are all part of the great ocean of life. This is an important story; a human story; one that will do justice to all filmmakers as it embraces an abundant universe with resources for billions of films.

Sharon Mae Wang

I'm fascinated by The Wave Maker! @Eliza: Where can I can see episodes of the web series??


I agree with James, the Tribeca Film Institute is a pioneer in its support of New Media, and Detroit, Je T'Aime is the only new media offering. After many hard years, the city is showing remarkable growth and resilience. It's time the world saw the new Detroit!


I hesitated a lot but I voted for Detroit je t'aime! Those two French girls show a lot of grit in making a film about Detroit AND an interactive one! They've been featured all over the news for their work so far. They're part of the Motor City coming back, and that in itself is a great story too. I hope they get to meet the Tribeca Film Institute.


I voted for Sole Survivor. I discovered this film after watching an episode of Mayday Air Crash Investigation. It was about the crash of Northwest Airlines Flight 255. Cecelia Cichan was the only survivor. Her whole family died in the crash. I was touched by her story and wanted to know what happened to her. I discoverd the film after searching her name on Google.
The trailer is very good, especially the background music. I hope the film will be as good.


I voted for Sole Survivor; I fly a great deal for work and can't begin to imagine what it would be like for those survisors. A great trailer and film.


Vote for the Wave Maker! It is time we realize that science is moving our society and our lives forward and reward the bravery and the dedication these young filmmakers have show in creating such an engaging study to such difficult topics. An inspiration indeed.

Music Supporter!

A vote for SPARK is a vote for music and music education! What a great story!

Detroit admirer

It has to be Detroit je t'aime! This city suffered so much, Detroiters know what they have to do: re create sustainable communities that include everybody. Do It Yourself projects are the keys to the future!

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