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Dorian Missick Will Play An Anesthesiologist On USA Network’s ‘Paging Dr. Freed’

Dorian Missick Will Play An Anesthesiologist On USA Network's 'Paging Dr. Freed'

Dorian Missick is a busy, busy man. All good!

Missick has landed a recurring role in a comedy pilot for the USA Network titled Paging Dr. Freed, which centers on gynecologist brothers, the Freeds brothers (played by Kyle Howard and Joel David Moore), who inherit their father’s successful medical practice, while having to deal with their meddling mother (played by Annie Potts).

Missick will play an anesthesiologist and friend of the Freed brothers who attended medical school with them.

The Southland co-star can next be seen in indie features from Neil Drumming (Big Words) and Charles Murray (Things Never Said). He’s also attached to writer/director Jason Gilmore’s forthcoming feature film, All The Children Are Insane.

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VICKIE? JOE? CASEY? JANICE?… is that you Dorian? But let's tell the truth. In Premium with Zoe Saldana, Hill Harper and Frankie Faison, Dorian was the caboose. His acting wasn't believable, nor was the relationship with Zoe, but she pulled him along. Also, I don't know about y'all but if we plug any actor into his role on Southland, me think it would be an improvement. I am serious and I am sorry, he brings absolutely nothing new, exciting or nuanced to the role. Btw, I've heard Regina King has a personal chiropractor written in her contract. Every day she has to work out the bumps in her back from carrying Dorian.


I've been secretly rooting for Dorian Missick since I saw him in "Premium" with Zoe Saldana. I'm glad to hear he has more projects I can enjoy watching him in. Speaking of…I wonder what happened to Lennox Ave?


Have seen Dorian in most of his works. He is a genuine and hard working actor who gets better with every role. I wish him continued success. V


I like this dude.
Kinda like a Will Smith.


Wow, great news for this guy! I've loved Dorian since he was on "Six Degrees". It's good to see such a talented actor working. He and Regina have such comedic moments on "Southland", it will be nice to see him do full on comedy.


I've always found this guy to be very funny and wondered why he didn't pop up in more comedies. Love love love him on Southland! He and Regina King are great together. I'm glad to see he's so busy. Good for him!

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