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Fox Searchlight Brings ‘Hitchcock’ Into The Oscar Mix, Will Hit Theaters On November 23rd; New Poster Unveiled

Fox Searchlight Brings 'Hitchcock' Into The Oscar Mix, Will Hit Theaters On November 23rd; New Poster Unveiled

In terms of Oscar contenders this year, Fox Searchlight wasn’t looking like the contenders they have been in the past. They’ve had an odd 2012 with excellent films like “Sound Of My Voice” and “Ruby Sparks” failing to find the audiences they deserved, while “Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” mostly crushed it overseas. But on the other hand, their Sundance acquisition “Beasts of the Southern Wild” wowed crowds and has a shot at awards season glory, at the very least for Quvenzhané Wallis (though we think the movie will be too odd to catch on any further with stodgier Oscar voters). But they’ve got one more ace up their sleeve, and sorry, it’s not Park Chan-wook‘s “Stoker.”

While initial reports suggested the movie wouldn’t be ready in time, it looks like everything will be good to go as Fox Searchlight will roll out Sacha Gervasi‘s “Hitchcock” on November 23rd. So how much Oscar potential does this have? Well, first off, it’s got Anthony Hopkins playing the great Alfred Hitchcock, with a supporting cast that includes (very deep breath) Helen Mirren as his wife Alma, Scarlett Johansson as Janet Leigh, James D’Arcy as Anthony Perkins, Jessica Biel as Vera Miles, Toni Colette as the director’s assistant Peggy Robertson, Danny Huston as Alma’s friend Whitfield Cook, and Michael Stuhlbarg as legendary agent and Hollywood figure Lew Wasserman. Michael Wincott will be playing Ed Gein, the real-life murderer who inspired the book and subsequent film; Kurtwood Smith (aka Red Forman from “That ’70s Show“) will play Geoffrey Shurlock of the Motion Picture Production Code (which became the MPAA); Wallace Langham is Saul Bass; and Ralph Macchio is Joe Stefano. And, oh yeah, Danny Elfman is providing the score.

Adapted for the screen by John McLaughlin (“Black Swan“) and based on the book by Stephen Rebello, the story will follow the tumultuous production of “Psycho,” which Hitchcock only undertook after plans to helm “No Bail For The Judge” were scuttled after Audrey Hepburn became pregnant. Unenthused by “Psycho,” Paramount gave Hitchcock a paltry budget, forcing him to back the movie through his own production shingle, build his own sets and use crew from his TV show “Alfred Hitchcock Presents.”

This is a bit of a swift move by Fox Searchlight, which shakes the game up to a strong degree, but it also explains why their checkbooks were closed at TIFF this year. Looks like Oscar prognosticators will be spending the afternoon readjusting their charts.

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The question is : Is Scarlett finally getting a nom ? Will her speech at the DNC help her ? Will her upcoming show on Broadway help her ? I want my beautiful Scarlett nominated.


I just noticed his tie is a bloody knife. AWESOME!


I know they want to sell tickets, but I don't get why this is called "Hitchcock." Doesn't that imply it's a biopic? Whereas it's just about the making of Psycho. What was so bad about the original title: "Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho?"


Saying their fall slate looked "light in the loafers" doesn't mean it was unimpressive or "light", that phrase has a very specific meaning. You are saying their slate of movies looked homosexual up till now, lol.


Despite "Ruby" and "Voice" not landing as well as they should've, "The Sessions" is going to carry them through award season with "Marigold" and "Beasts" supporting along the way.


this year's my week with marilyn, needless to say no one will care for this one either


Good! This year's race is heatin' up!

Ray H

He looks terrible. They should've just put Hopkins in a fat suit with some neck prosthetic and leave it at that. I mean are the other actors undergoing heavy makeup too?


Is it just me, or do Hopkins' prosthetics/makeup look positively godawful? Are they just prosthetics for prosthetics' sake? Because it would seem the purpose would be to make him look like Hitchcock. On that poster, at least, he looks absolutely nothing like Hitchcock (except for the neck).


That's a great poster. 'Alfred Hitchock and the Making of Psycho' was a better title and would've look great on it.

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