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Gina Carano Joins That Female ‘Expendables’ Movie, Because Obviously

Gina Carano Joins That Female 'Expendables' Movie, Because Obviously

Let’s face it, Gina Carano probably won’t win any Oscars, but she has a unique set of skills, charisma and charm to go with it, and some definite screen presence, so why not put that to good use? She already kicked some major ass in Steven Soderbergh‘s “Haywire,” is revving alongside the boys in “Fast & Furious 6” and is also leading the action flickIn The Blood.” Her next move? Putting her name to an all female spin on “The Expendables.”

Dreamed up by Adi Shankar‘s production company 1984 Private Defense Contractors, the Black List approved Dutch Southern — for his script “Hoof Harrington’s Greatest Hits” — has penned the script, details of which appear to be under wraps at the moment. But Shankar makes a rather cornball comparison as to why Carano is essential to the movie. “I don’t know how I’m supposed to make a movie that is supposed to be the female version of ‘The Expendables’ without Gina Carano in it. It would be like making Twix without caramel or Jamba Juice without jamba,” he said.

Last we heard,  he was “already in talks with several prominent actresses affiliated with the action genre,” so it’ll be interesting to see who signs next. Milla Jovovich? Kate Beckinsale? Michelle Rodriguez? But so far, this movie is off to a decent start. Look out Sly, the ladies are coming for you. [Variety

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Gina Carano's an excellent choice. But you've gotta put Michelle Yeoh and Cynthia Rothrock in there, the two closest examples I can think of to match the iconic EXPENDABLES cast members. Yeoh and Rothrock even co-starred together in a great Hong Kong action film, YES, MADAM! (aka IN THE LINE OF DUTY 2, 1985).


Gina Carano has the background and the look to be the best female action star around, as she
proved in 'Haywire', one of the best and most realistic action (male or female) films ever.
Angelina Jolie is, in my opinion, laughable. There's more meat, not to mention muscle, on a Kebab! (If you're gonna go for a Hollywood A-list actress who's done 'action', then Scarlett Johansson (The Black Widow) would be my choice.
There are many excellent and credible Japanese and Hong Kong action actresses, any of whom would be major plus to a female Expendables cast.


Lucy Lawless has to star in this!!!


What about the queen of all? I name ANGELINA JOLIE, please! She is the mother of all with Sigourney Weaver


Why go with something conventional, they should hire some ladies that normally wouldn't do action. Example: Helen Mirren in Red


Dutch Southern is a good name.


If Milla and Michelle are in it, I will definitely watch it.


This is awesome! I would also love to see Uma Thurman, Lucy Liu, Gina Torres,Rosario Dawson and Sigourney Weaver.

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