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Iran Boycotts 2013 Oscar Race Over Anti-Islam ‘Innocence of Muslims’

Iran Boycotts 2013 Oscar Race Over Anti-Islam 'Innocence of Muslims'

After winning the Best Foreign-Language Oscar in 2012 for “A Separation,” Iran will not be participating in the 2013 Oscar race. The country has decided to boycott the Oscars to protest the incendiary “Innocence of Muslims” film that has been linked to violent and deadly uprisings in the Muslim world from Egypt to Pakistan, including the murder of the well-respected U.S. Ambassador in Libya. This action comes as the U.S. continues to condemn the film, including an impassioned President Obama Tuesday at the U.N.

Iran’s cultural minister Mohammed Hosseini reportedly told the Associated Press that the country initially planned to submit Seyyed Reza Mir-Karimi’s “A Cube of Sugar” to the race, but that “Innocence of Muslims,” which portrays Mohammed as a false prophet and sexual deviant, is too grave an insult to be ignored.

“A Cube of Sugar” focuses on a family gathering for a wedding that turns tragic.

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fuc k shapoor heydari

mohammad mus

fuc k americans because of this anti muslims movie

Ra. S.

Lighten up and get over it you muslims!

Payam Abdi

We Iranians, like the rest of the Muslims, are sad about this offensive movie. But with a little bit of logic, we can see that there is no connection between the lunatic who made that movie and the Oscars. But the government of Iran is not… well, is not balanced and they really don't understand the circumstances and regularities of movie making in the U.S. They believe that all over the world, it is the government who has to authorize a movie to be made.


What a loss.


It's still very shocking to me how entire nations blame all of USA for a small film some amateur made. It's ridiculous.


As if it wasn't stupid enough to relate a bunch of idiots with access to a camera and youtube, to film making, now they are punishing Hollywood with their withdrawal?

If some bigot goes throws a stone at a mosque what will the do in retribution? Kills some tourists and then shoot themselves in a foot?


I only wonder if they would have still boycotted had "A Separation" been their entry for this year.


I'm all for it. Keep it coming fellas, there's still a few massively deluded idealists in the West who haven't figured out that Iran is run by theocratic imperialists bent on starting WWIII. Remind us all how, in the eyes of the mullahs, anyone who disagrees with them anywhere on the planet simply shouldn't be allowed to exist.

Justin Timberlake

Boo F'n hoo. Cry us a river.

John Mayer

Foolish and just as wreck less as those turning to violence.


Oh, boo hoo. So the Iranian government is depriving all of the hard working people who worked on whatever films may have been submitted because some crackpot made a movie trailer with the sole intention of stirring up controversy.

American society does not owe anyone anything regarding "Innocence of Muslims". It is freedom of speech, as distasteful as it may have been. The reaction to it is even more disgusting than the film (which was never made, btw) could ever be.


i am happy that the Govt is stupid atleast on one good thing. usually they just ignore things and dont do any thing. and its responsibilty of american society to clear there name ,by arresting film makers ,because they are spreading hate toward america .its a major issue .why should a few film makers be alowed to misslead world toward america. plus hurting 1.3 billion people is no small deal. so as humans right americans should act against the movie


It's government's decision!
We Iranians know that that stupid movie is nothing to do with American society.
So government's decision is as stupid as that movie.

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