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Is This The Next YA Movie Hit? Trailer For ‘Beautiful Creatures’ Starring Alden Ehrenreich, Alice Englert & Emmy Rossum

Is This The Next YA Movie Hit? Trailer For 'Beautiful Creatures' Starring Alden Ehrenreich, Alice Englert & Emmy Rossum

An outsider with strange powers, a human who understands and forces beyond their control….no, we’re not talking about “Twilight.” Instead, it’s “Beautiful Creatures,” Warner Bros. stab at the YA pie that Summit and Lionsgate have conquered heartily with the vampire series and “The Hunger Games” respectively. Now it’s time for the major studio play — do they have what it takes?

Well, it doesn’t get much more obvious who they’re courting by using Florence + The Machine‘s “Seven Devils” to power the trailer (reminder: it was only this summer that she gave a new song to “Snow White & The Huntsman“). Now toss in a handsome young man, emoting in the rain, a passionate kiss and all kinds of supernatural stuff and the ingredients are all there. But honestly, this trailer is a bit of a mess because even by the end it’s still not clear what it’s actually about. In case you’re wondering, Alice Englert plays Lena, who must decide on her sixteenth birthday whether to use her sorcery powers and join the side of the good or the side of evil. Confusing things is the tousled hair of Alden Ehrenreich and her cousin Ridley, played by Emmy Rossum, who wants her to go bad and is by far the most compelling presence in this thing.

Based on the book by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl (of which there are three more), “Beautiful Creatures” opens on February 13th. Watch below.

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This can't be worse than Twilight, the cast is very good :)


I would rather see this than twilight! It Seems interesting… and I must say i really like the cast, so we'll see


I dunno. Not that it looks great–the sets in particular seem rather bland and obvious–but I think it's an excellently put together trailer. When they kiss and the music comes up and the lighting flashes–dang if that wasn't just a little thrilling. Probably won't be actually *good*, but it will be way better than Twilight.


Supernatural & Southern gothic with actors like Emma Thompson, Jeremy Irons & Viola Davis… in the right hands those are the ingredients for something interesting. This clearly isn't in the right hands.


I'd feel bad for Emma Thompson having to slum it in this type of material if it weren't for her insane interpretation of a Southern drawl. Fuck.

Kindred Spirit

This looks like Twilight except the roles are flipped around- the chick plays the mysterious R Patz character and the dude is the annoying K Stew character. Dreadful all around.

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