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Jada Pinkett Smith Directs Trey Smith, Jaden Smith & Willow Smith In ‘Find You Somewhere’

Jada Pinkett Smith Directs Trey Smith, Jaden Smith & Willow Smith In 'Find You Somewhere'

It’s a family affair… a brand-spanking new video directed by Jada Pinkett Smith, featuring music by AcE (aka Trey Smith, from Will Smith’s first marriage), with vocals provided by Jaden Smith, and Willow Smith.

The track is called Find You Somewhere.

I’m not a big fan of Jaden’s rapping, but I can dig the overall track; not bad. I like the instrumentals.

It’s not Jada’s first time behind the camera as a director; I expect we’ll be seeing more “directed by Jada Pinkett Smith” projects in the future.


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kyasiimire sarah

thnx mum for the job


Willow is a very talented young lady!!


I thought it was excellent,,I can't believe all the negative comments. Will and Jada have a dynasty in their children. These kids are ALL very talented, lets applaud them. These babies are not making fools of themselves in public; not dope heads or vagrantly running around unmanaged (hint:JB)…stop hating!!!!!!

@Jw79bull (Twitter)

What in the F**K is this?!?! Jaden "raps" worst than his dan ( imagine that) and i thought the older child, Tre had some good sense,, guess not..a!


It's a great sound and an excellent video. But that boy is not a good rapper, at all. Willow was pretty awesome though.


Ugh can't they all just go away?!?!? I swear this family is worse than the Kardashians….


I liked it. If I am not mistaken, Jaden's voice is changing and he has found the tone and pace that works for him.


Really enjoyed this! Jada is a great director and I love the way Jaden raps … mellow and smooth.

other song

this is actually a good beat…. Jaden's tone doesn't work as you said Tambay. If he had rhymed better, I might actually post this video on FB lol

Mama Mo

That song is AWESOME! Will Smiths kids are carbon copies of him. Vid Cool to the 3rd POWWA! Nice Directing Jada!


Nice song. the video is cool overall but i'm not big on the idea of sexualizing children. could have left out a few of those silhouettes of willow and the shot of jaden's abs.

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