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Mark Millar Hired As Creative Consultant For Fox’s Marvel Movies, Will Fuel Years Of Random Speculation

Mark Millar Hired As Creative Consultant For Fox's Marvel Movies, Will Fuel Years Of Random Speculation

Well, here’s something that both makes sense and kind of doesn’t: Mark Millar has been hired as a creative consultant for 20th Century Fox‘s upcoming slate of Marvel-based comic book movies.

Millar has largely been somewhat of an energetic loose cannon, known as the creator of “Kick-Ass,” who has many other projects in development and is more than happy to trade in rumors and conjecture as fact during interviews and on message boards (though, in fairness, he has calmed down in that regard recently). Fox on the other hand, tend to play it close to the vest until they are ready to promote a movie, so it’ll be interesting to see how his personality will play on studio turf where stakes are much higher. And indeed, it’s a bit hard to understand at the moment just what Millar is bringing to this equation.

The Wolverine” is already shooting so we’re not sure when consulting he could have left do on that one, though he’s obviously close to Matthew Vaughn (the director was eyeing two Millar adaptations to direct last fall — “Superior” and “The Secret Service” — which just happen to be set up at the studio along with “Nemesis“) so we presume they’ll collaborate in some capacity on the “X-Men: Days of Future Past,” which shoots next year. And then there’s Josh Trank‘s upcoming “Fantastic Four” reboot, which is a safe bet to have his fingerprints on in some capacity. But either way, given his propensity to talk when asked any question, we’re surely in for years of random speculation about countless movies on the Fox lot. Hooray.

And while it was easy to see why Disney/Marvel hired Joss Whedon as their godfather of Phase Two, aside from writing the comic that “Wanted” was based off of and being a familiar face around the studio, it’s not immediately clear what makes Millar’s hire so necessary or vital. But perhaps there is a clue to found in the press release, which says “Millar will work with Fox on developing new avenues for its ‘X-Men’ and ‘Fantastic Four’ tentpoles.” Spin-offs and sequels coming under his domain? Perhaps.

But what do you think — is Miller a good hire by Fox? Do you think he’ll make an impact on their comic movies? Sound off below. [ComingSoon]

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Oh, Fox, you have devastated this fan. For the love of God, WHY? How could you?! Millar is everything wrong with niche Fanboy culture and humanity in general. WHY FOX, WHY? If you needed Fanboy cred, you could have done so much better than the diseased corner whore. Millar is not the sort of girl you show to your mother… or friends… or co-workers. Do your deed in the back of a dim ally, behind the dumpster, and then pretend you don't know her. It would have been better for all of us, Fox.


Oh, this is so pitiful. Warners is trying to rip off Avengers with Justice League, and now Fox is trying to find their own Joss Whedon superhero movie mastermind. Yeah, well, Mark "Eviry fookin' character ah write talks like they're from Glenfidditch, even black American drug dealers" Millar ain't it. If Joss Whedon is Captain America, then Mark Millar is Demolition Man.


Fox's Marvel movies? They have the rights to 2 series, that's hardly worth hiring a consultant over. Especially when chances are pretty strong that Fantastic Four goes the way of Daredevil, back to the Mouse House.

Dan S

Millar had successful runs on Ultimate X-Men and Fantastic Four, so Fox probably wants to secure his "expertise" on those properties. As much as I liked "X-Men First Class", I'd rather see both X-Men and FF revert to Marvel Studios.


This is great news for everyone who felt like not enough Marvel movies had the moral that women are shrill whores.

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