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Marvel’s Phase One Blu-ray Box Set Delayed Over Packaging Lawsuit

Marvel's Phase One Blu-ray Box Set Delayed Over Packaging Lawsuit

With many budgets routinely crossing the $150 million threshold, studios keep a close eye on their tentpoles, making sure the films hit that four-quadrant sweet spot with nothing, not a blemish, to stop them. Every once in awhile, however, certain details are overlooked and the detail in the case of Marvel’s blockbuster team-up film “The Avengers” will block the release of the Blu-ray box set of Phase One of their cinematic universe.

Apparently the briefcase that held the superhero film’s MacGuffin, the Tesseract, wasn’t just a generic design but rather one that is copyrighted by the German luggage company Rimowa BhmbH. While the necessary legal paperwork was filed and permission granted for the briefcase’s use in the film, the selling of replicas as part of the deluxe Blu-ray set — which would have included the run of films directly leading into “The Avengers,” including the Joss Whedon film itself, along with a replica of the so-called Cosmic Cube — was not part of the deal.

In a complaint filed in federal court in California, the German company alleges that “Marvel did not obtain any license or authorization from Rimowa to make replica copies of the case for any purpose . . . the plastic ‘replica case’ [is] a close copy of Rimowa’s Topas attaché case in every respect but quality — from the proportions and coloring, to the style of the handle and latches, and, of course, in the use of the trademarked parallel ridges around the body of the case.”

Ouch. In the face of these serious allegations the set has been pulled offline and no longer available for pre-order. Fans will just have to make do with the three other versions available for the moment until a new agreement is reached (or new packaging arrives from Asgard). [Cosmic Booknews/THR]

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Good about time that these movies companies can't get away with this and steal someone product I hope it never comes out it looks cheap and the case is plastic so big deal .I am so glade that finally someone has the balls to tell this big movie studios that you can't steal my product unless I get paid for it so good for the luggage company about time RIGHT IS RIGHT AND FIGHT THE FIGHT .


This set will never be coming out it's over and done just wait and see


intellectual property? I've seen steel briefcases like this in hundreds of movies and shows. Who gives a shit let them sell the set! Can anyone out there tell one luggage company's products from another?!


Sam, how clueless are you? The only ones greedy here are Disney/Marvel. They're the ones trying to profit off someone else's intellectual property. Perhaps it's because you've never created something of value, but when someone spends time and money to design something unique, they deserve credit if someone plans to use it. How you can call that greed is beyond me.


Let me te you about all the shits I give… Uhm ALOT. This box set was more than a simple DVD set it was a staple for many collectors out there. So the fact that some luggage company has there panties in a bunch, over nothing more than probably MONEY (even though there reasons say otherwise). It's just unfortunate when greed is so over bearing it that the effect hurts the people who matter most under the retail pyramid, aka the consumer.


Please show me where it says it's been delayed?

Josh Watson

Holy shit, who cares? Why is this crap on Indiewire? You guys should rename yourself Comic Book Movie #2.

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