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Meet African/British Film Director Mark Tonderai

Meet African/British Film Director Mark Tonderai

Mark Tonderai‘s Horror Thriller House At The End Of The Street starring Jennifer Lawrence and Elisabeth Shue opens today in theaters. 

Tonderai was born in London but raised in Zimbabwe, Africa.  Taking a non-traditional route to filmmaking, Tonderai graduated with a degree in architecture from Kingston University and UNC Charlotte.

He started his career in radio as the writer/producer/presenter of the “Mark Tonderai Show”, on BBC Radio 1, the first national radio show that broke hip-hop and R&B to the British public.  In addition to his own show he was involved in other radio shows such as BBC Radio 4‘s; Orldly Wise, Rainbow Nation and Weekending, and Kiss 100’s Rude Awakening.

Transitioning from radio to television Tonderai worked as a writer, editor and director on Friday Nights All Wright

In addition to his time behind the camera he’s had a few appearances on screen in films and television series.

He made is debut film in 2008 entitled Hush and acted as the films writer and director.  The film a psychological thriller told the story of a young couple drawn in to a game of cat and mouse with a truck driver. 

House at the End of the Street is his second narrative film directorial effort.

The films synopsis reads:

Seeking a fresh start, newly divorced Sarah and her daughter Elissa find the house of their dreams in a small, upscale, rural town. But when startling and unexplainable events begin to happen, Sarah and Elissa learn the town is in the shadows of a chilling secret. Years earlier, in the house next door, a daughter killed her parents in their beds, and disappeared – leaving only a brother, Ryan, as the sole survivor. Against Sarah’s wishes, Elissa begins a relationship with the reclusive Ryan – and the closer they get, the deeper they’re all pulled into a mystery more dangerous than they ever imagined.

Tonderai has his own production company Shona Productions with Zoe Stewart (Hush Producer) so its likely we can expect more projects in the future.

Check out the trailer for House at the End of the Street below:

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"African/British"? Really? Ooooookaaaaay.

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