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New Photos Of Feelgood U.K. Cinema: ‘Song For Marion’ Starring Gemma Arterton & Dustin Hoffman-Directed ‘Quartet’

New Photos Of Feelgood U.K. Cinema: 'Song For Marion' Starring Gemma Arterton & Dustin Hoffman-Directed 'Quartet'

Looking for a couple of movies that will warm your heart and not tax your brain? Well, the ever reliable U.K. film industry has a couple of easy to digest, not too difficult movies that go down nice and smooth and there are some pics from both.

First up is “Song For Marion,” which pairs old people and music in an ever so delightful concoction (sarcasm alert). Gemma Arterton plays Elizabeth, the volunteer leader of an elderly choir, who meets her match in Arthur (Terence Stamp), a grump who can barely tolerate his wife Marion’s (Vanessa Redgrave) participation in this group. But nosey Elizabeth can’t help but try and break through to Arthur, and pretty soon, songs are sung, tears are wiped away and lessons are learned. Awww. The film closed TIFF with a whisper, and as you might guess by now we didn’t really care for it. No release date yet, and given the lukewarm reception, expect The Weinstein Company to drop the film sometime next year.

Meanwhile, Dustin Hoffman‘s directorial debut, “Quartet” also hit TIFF, bringing with it another story of Old People and Music. This time Maggie Smith, Tom Courtenay, Billy Connolly and Pauline Collins star as four retired opera singers who are gearing up to celebrate Verdi’s birthday, when a face from their past comes in and disrupts their lives to dramedic effect. We missed this one in Toronto, but we didn’t hear much buzz about it on the floor. But the Weinsteins are hoping for some kind of awards season play, with the movie slated for a late game, December 28th release.

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Paul Andrew Williams

Okay, the director of a film that has been criticised by this critic or journalist, whatever he may wish to call himself.

First of all, "we didn't really care for it" This was written by one man, so that "we" needs to be replaced with an "I".

Secondly, unless he was at a TOTALLY different screening to the gala night I was at, or the Press & Industry screening the producers were at, I don't understand where the there was a "lukewarm reception" ??? Could you please tell everybody Kevin???? The situation was in the press & industry screening ended on applause, not a usual thing for P&I screenings.

As for the GALA night. The standing ovation, the tears and grateful audience members I spoke to didn't feel very "Lukewarm". The film sold to every territory while at the festival, not bad for Lukewarm tosh. It really annoys me when critics, when no real qualifications are needed to be one, can type and say whatever they want about something, that if they had ever managed to do themselves, would understand how unhelpful incorrect and misleading reviews and comments can damage a persons livelihood.

It is extremely ignorant of someone to write in this way and perhaps for a website to air it. I honestly don't mind people disliking my film, I'm not stupid and understand that it won't be to everyone's taste. But at least have the decency to be honest and impartial with the facts. If Kevin didn't like it that's fine, if he wants to write about it, that's also fine. However, the correct term should be, "It had a lukewarm reception from me, Kevin" And not the lie that's written above.

I'm quite prepared to listen or debate with Kevin or any one else from the site who chose to write the above article.

Paul Andrew Williams
Writer/Director of Song For Marion.

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