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New ‘RoboCop’ Suit Gets A Close Up In Licensing Banner

New 'RoboCop' Suit Gets A Close Up In Licensing Banner

Update: Even though film’s underway and posters are being released, the film isn’t quite done casting up: Aimee Garcia, who plays nanny Jamie on “Dexter,” has joined the cast, according to Heat Vision, playing a scientist who works with Gary Oldman‘s character.

So a lot of people got pretty excited over the weekend when set pics dropped from the upcoming “RoboCop” giving a first look at Joel Kinnaman in his crime fighting gear.  Lots of people waved their digital arms in the air and furrowed their virtual eyebrows that the remake would dare to try and do some things different. Anyway, while geeks come down from their heart palpitations, another piece of ephemera has made its way online.

A liscensing banner teaser poster of sorts, first unveiled this summer at the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas, has dropped in a crisper and cleaner version. It’s basically a closer look at the suit that has everyone talking that apparently features some red detailing. SO HOT. But other than that, it tells you its coming next summer, which we already knew.

Currently shooting in Toronto, directed by Jose Padilha and featuring a great cast including Gary Oldman, Samuel L. Jackson, Jay Baruchel, Abbie Cornish, Jennifer Ehle, Michael K.Williams and Marianne Jean-Baptiste, “RoboCop” opens on August 9th. [Cine1 via MTV]

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Reading Playlist articles that are so passive-aggressively anti-nerd makes me giggle every time inthe same manner Uncle Ruckus' racism in The Boondocks always did.

Love you, Playlist. Don't listen to what anyone else tells you. You are different and your opinion makes you better!!!


"So Hot" you say? Who let Paris Hilton write an article for The Playlist? Robocop should not be "hot". Robocop is menacing and metallic. No more looking at The Playlist for me.


I like how The Playlist is already in the tank for this movie. Off the bookmarks tab you go.

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