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Northwestern University To Hold Panel Discussion Examining The Impact Of Tyler Perry’s Work

Northwestern University To Hold Panel Discussion Examining The Impact Of Tyler Perry's Work

With the exception of those NAACP Image Awards, Tyler Perry will most likely never win any important awards, or garner any major accolades.

But perhaps the next best thing is to be the subject of a seminar held, at a prestigious university, made up of important and influential scholars, discussing the impact and importance of his work.

And that’s exactly what’s happening in November at Block Cinema, located right in the heart of the campus of Northwestern University, in Evanston Illinois. The university will conduct a panel called Madea’s Big Scholarly Roundtable: Perspectives on the Media of Tyler Perry.

According to the description, the panel will “consider Perry’s extensive body of work from a variety of perspectives, exploring such topics as his theatrical roots, his works’ connections to “the” African American church, the highbrow/lowbrow tensions his works stir up, and the ways that class, region, gender and sexuality signify in his screen and stage productions, as well as in the discourses surrounding Perry himself.

Those participating on the panel will be: Mark Anthony Neal (Professor of Black Popular Culture in the Department of African & African-American Studies, Duke University), Racquel Gates (Assistant Professor, Center for the Arts, CUNY College of Staten Island), Daniel O. Black (Professor of English, Clark-Atlanta University), Brittney Cooper (Assistant Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies & Africana Studies, Rutgers University), and E. Patrick Johnson (Carlos Montezuma Professor of Performance Studies and African American Studies, Northwestern University).

And the moderator for the event will be Miriam Petty (Assistant Professor, Departments of Radio/TV/Film and of African American Studies, Northwestern University).

WOW! That’s a pretty distinguished group of eggheads they’ve got. Not even Spike could boast of a panel like that discussing him and his films.

The event will take place on Weds November 28, starting at 5PM; and, yes, it’s free and open the public.

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I can't be the only one who gets Sergio's sarcasm and satirical approach? His use of the word "eggheads" was not meant as an criminal indictment against the "stellar" panel, nor was he hating on Tyler Perry. I believe he was simply suggesting that those folks, with all their grand titles, would compete against each other in an effort to see who can use the most grandiose twenty dollar words and politically correct rhetoric. Hell, look at the titles: Professor of Black Popular Culture, Assistant Professor, Professor of English, Assistant Professor of Women's blah blah blah, Professor of Performance Studies blah blah blah. Now, where is the common man? Where is the voice of the average moviegoer? Yeah, just what I thought… Sergio had it right –> "WOW! That's a pretty distinguished group of eggheads they've got." Yep, a bunch of bobbin' head black folks, aka eggheads, telling "us" how movies impact "us".

Miles Ellison

Far into the future, Tyler Perry's work will be studied in colleges the way Birth of a Nation is studied now.

Mark & Darla

Highly educated folks participating in a round table, discussing Tyler Perry work, my my my.
Sergio not man enough to say (Tyler Perry will never win any important awards, or garner any major accolades), instead to cover your butt you said (will most likely never) punk ass.

Charles Judson

I'm excited to see this panel happening. I don't care who you are and what type of films you are making. It's important that we talk about the work we create seriously. Even if you think the work is terrible, you can say so and have it still be meaningful as you so. What's more important is I hope this isn't where we stop. Having more conversations about the meaning and impact of what we create across the board would be amazing to see. What was the impact of LOVE JONES? What about DAUGHTERS OF THE DUST to WOO to EVE'S BAYOU to SET IT OFF? What about a discussion of DENZEL'S work and impact? A DENZEL/POITER conversation seems obvious. Especially in a "Post Racial" world. Tyler Perry is a lightening rod. But, I'm sure there are other topics just as ripe for putting on the table and bringing folks together to discuss.

Miles Ellison

What's next? A discussion about how Love and Hip Hop has influenced brawling women not to wear underwear?

Dr. Boogie

Who are you calling "eggheads"? Frankly, if you all at S&A hate Perry so much, why bother to give him space on your platform? Every time you talk about his work/him, you come off biased, bitter, and angry. If you don't like his work just say it and move the hell on. Seriously annoyed with the shade. Grow up or loose a follower. Everything isn't for everybody. How is that rocket science? Zora Neale Hurston laughs from her grave at all of this pitiful shade. lol


Panel would be much shorter if the topic were the "value" of his work.


Oh lorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrdddddddddddddd!

Adam Scott Thompson

Well, I guess if you can discuss the Holocaust…


Bet all those edumahcated negroes heartily patted themselves on the back with the Madea/media puns, etc. Anyone who sits through this panel discussion deserves to have both butt cheeks fall asleep.


The title of this program is hilarious.

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