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Oscar Talk: Toronto and Telluride Update, from ‘The Master’ and ‘Cloud Atlas’ to ‘Silver Linings Playbook’

Oscar Talk: Toronto and Telluride Update, from 'The Master' and 'Cloud Atlas' to 'Silver Linings Playbook'

Kris Tapley and I go over the Oscar race post-Toronto and Telluride, from Paul Thomas Anderson's "The Master" and Terrence Malick's "To the Wonder" to the fate of "Anna Karenina" and "Cloud Atlas." Neither of us liked "Hyde Park on Hudson" very much.

Listen to the Podcast here.

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Hi Ryan — Kim Masters on KCRW. Elvis Mitchell on same. BAFTA All Access podcasts (although they seem to have removed these recently). The FT Arts podcast periodically covers film, and Oscars when that time of year comes around.
Hi Kristopher — I meant the moment-to-moment style, really. It feels rather desultory, back-and-forth stuff. I'm offering my comment constructively, because I'm pre-disposed to listen to your ideas (aforementioned respect) and don't want to get restless and tune out. Nonetheless, that's what happened.

Very best



I truly respect both of the commentators in this podcast, but this was a largely meandering affair and I struggled to engage after about 10 minutes.

Why don't you break it up into segments a little more? Get some guests in to bounce your fantastic ideas off?

As we all know from the medium you're talking about, it's all about… structure, structure, structure, guys!

A++ for effort; must try harder for execution.

Very best wishes, and thank you for the podcast effort.

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