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Project of the Day: A Former Olympic Medic Revolutionizes Chronic Disease and Physics

Project of the Day: A Former Olympic Medic Revolutionizes Chronic Disease and Physics

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The Wave Maker

Tweetable Logline:

A feature documentary about a medical maverick’s quest to assert a paradigm shift in our understanding of the universe—by making waves.

Elevator Pitch:

What if a former Olympic medic’s theory of physics, drawn from observation of the human body under stress, could not only revolutionize the treatment of chronic disease but also rewrite the rules of science by proposing that matter, instead of being made up of atoms, is made of waves endlessly waving within waves? Welcome to the pulsing, patterned, boundary-dissolving universe of visionary medical maverick Dr. Irving Dardik who proposes a paradigm shift in physics to heal the world.

Production Team:

Director/Producer: Kiira Benzing
Producer: Kim Jackson (“TUB,” “Blue Caprice,” “Children of God”)
Cinematographer: Alfredo Alcantara (“An American Promise”)
Composer: Daniel Halle

About the Production:

“I am making this film because I genuinely appreciate Dardik’s vision of the universe, and as much as I recognize he hasn’t convinced the scientific establishment to adopt his theory, I firmly believe that his ideas are reason enough to produce this film. I hope it will open minds to a greater discussion about science. I wish the film to extend to the notion of “outsider” scientists, who, while trained in other fields, may nevertheless have invaluable and richly suggestive contributions to make. I wish to foster an attitude of “what if,” and as an artist this is my function.” – Kiira Benzing

Current Status:


For more information and to support this project:

IndieGoGo Page
Film Website

The Wave Maker Indiegogo Trailer from Kiira on Vimeo.

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If you think cold fusion isn't possible, just remember that the Earth was flat. Dardik is brilliant, and it's amazing work. I personally think that we should be consuming less energy, rather than producing more. but that's a philosophical debate. This man breathes science.

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."

Ricardo Del Mundo

This is an excellent project and important theme. We work with many of Dardik's contemporaries in the LENR (cold fusion) field and know he is on to a good thing.

R. Nicole Gallo

This theory is definitely on the pulse. I am intrigued to know more and look forward to it's release!

Karen Lee

I would like to see this movie and learn more about wave making! I discovered something called the ARP wave and it is a device that uses a wave current harmonious to the body and can creates healing, recovery and prevents injury. It is an amazing device and it seems to fit into the concept of the film's main subject.

Susan Miller

I just watched the Wave Maker and WOW !!!!!!!!!!! I sooooo believe in this concept !!! Thank you Kira for bringing this to light !!!! God Bless you !!

Andy Smith

I've been Waving for two years now, and I have a fairly good understanding of what it means that everything is a Wave, with Waves Waving within Waves. I'm looking forward to The Wave Maker because more people need to know about what Irving Dardik has been doing!

Ruth Ann Rogotzki

Dr. Irving Dardik's theory is fascinating and I am anxious to learn more. Can't wait for the completion and release of "The Wave Maker".

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