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Project of the Day: What Is It Like to Be the ‘Sole Survivor’?

Project of the Day: What Is It Like to Be the 'Sole Survivor'?

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Sole Survivor

Tweetable Logline:

This doc gives a first glimpse into the lives of sole survivors of plane crashes as they struggle to understand their perplexing fate.

Elevator Pitch:

In the history of aviation, there have been 14 large commercial plane crashes with one lone survivor. Sole Survivor offers the first glimpse into the lives of four of these sole survivors. There’s a misconception that if somebody survives a tragedy, they should feel lucky. Pressure is placed on survivors to move on, to feel grateful for being spared a dire fate without acknowledging the psychological, social, emotional, spiritual and physical ramifications of survival. Through their varying experiences yet similar reflections, Sole Survivor puts a face on survivorship, underscoring the fact that survivors are victims too.

Production Team:

Directed by: Ky Dickens
Produced by: Amy McIntyre
Executive Producer: Yellow Wing Productions
Director of Photography: Tom Clayton
Editor: Anna Patel
Music: Franck Rapp
Executive Producer: Susan Aurinko
Co-Producer: Alexis Jaworski
Co-Producer: Kristen Kaza
Production Manager: Joanna Lakatos

About the Production:

“Being a survivor myself, I’ve always empathized with the guilt and “why questions” that surround survivorship. Surviving a tragedy doesn’t make you lucky; in fact it is quite the opposite – survivors often feel lonely, misunderstood, and weighted by lofty expectations. Through these never before told stories, there is an opportunity to put a face on survivorship. We hope this film will help survivors feel as though they no longer have to live on the margins of society or on the brink of their own personhood without the resources they need to connect and heal.” — Ky Dickens

Current Status:


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Kickstarter Page (campaign has ended)
Film Website

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Thomas G. Kelly Jr.

A must see!!!

Mary Anne Boehlen

I think their story needs to be told and heard by any survivor and their friends/family to help the recovery physically and mentally.


I just can't wait to see this film.

freddy rozon

i fill proud to say that one sole survival is my friend ab that


freddy rozon

i fill proud to say that one sole survival is my friend ab that


Kellieann Troxell

I have the pleasure of knowing Cecilia! Her story along with the others needs to be told! God Bless All Of The Survivors!

Cheryl King

As part of the aviation family at large, I have worked in both Ground Operations and recently Training for nearly two decades. We are the people whose job it is to dispatch each aircraft safely, which means providing the Flight Crew with the correct weight and balance to get off the ground and fly. I am convinced that Sole Survivor will be a heart-stopping, gripping film capturing the riveted interest of not only anyone who is now employed at an air carrier but also anyone who has ever worked for an airline in any capacity. For those who fly every day as Pilots and Flight Attendants, and those who support them in the Ground Operations arena have great courage and optimism. Collectively, Sole Survivors are among the people we board every day and the stark reality is that we are, along with the Flight Crews, the last to see our Customers alive. We take their tickets, watch them board the aircraft and ensure the main aircraft door is closed. As the Ramp crew pushes the plane aft of the jetbridge, a sea of window-seat faces look back at us with mixed expressions, some terrified. We know what they're thinking, we just can't see their white knuckles. Looking out from our reinforced mesh-wire, jetway perch, a virtual ballet of planes surround us on the tarmac-coming and going– in a flood of rollouts off the runway, jockeying for position at the gates, either holding out or being marshalled in or pushed out for taxi and eventual takeoff. Even as we see our just-dispatched aircraft takeoff, we are resetting our internal clocks for the next flight where minute by minute focus is required in the detail-oriented world of Ground Operations with weight and balance limits, Customer concerns and 100% accuracy. The anticipation of seeing the Sole Survivor film, makes us realize that the title of this film is about one person making it out alive or walking away from a tragedy that others did not survive. It also serves as a reminder to those of us who experience daily both the infinite fragility and graceful freedom of an aircraft in flight, that we are all human with a strong desire to see all survive.


Was difficult to watch the trailer, but would still like to see the whole movie. Thank you Pruch for sharing. Keep me updated.


Will not forget this day lived very close and years later found out my future husband should of been on that flight but missed it due to a flate tire. Also proves miracles do happen with the survivor. Would love to see the story

Diane Zawislak

Sole Survivor is my pick.


Fascinating subject. Looking forward to seeing it.

Andria Meeks

Would love to see the entire film. Very powerful.

Agnes Miggins


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