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Report: Only 32% Of New Broadcast Network Shows Make It To A 2nd Season (What Won’t?)

Report: Only 32% Of New Broadcast Network Shows Make It To A 2nd Season (What Won't?)

From a report yesterday, who looked at the past 13 seasons (1999-2000 through 2011-2012), and the 892 new primetime series that have launched on the major broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and The CW), and discovered that, of the 892 new primetime series debuting during each of those 13 seasons, just 288 made it to a second season.

Or… Only 32% of new broadcast network shows make it to a second season. I would’ve thought that figure would be higher – maybe 50 to 70%, but the hard data tells the story. Check it all out HERE.

And as the FC notes further, of the 47 new series (and counting) due to premiere during the 2012-2013 season (I actually didn’t realize there are that many new shows; it seems like a lot), in consideration of the 32% second season survival rate, history shows that only about 15 will be renewed for a season 2.

So, given all the upcoming new series that will debut this TV season:

– Which do you think WILL make the 32% list?  

– Which do you think SHOULD or would like to see make the 32% list?

Obviously, it’s too early to tell; While we‘ve already seen premiere episodes of Revolution (Giancarlo Esposito and Maria Howell), Last Resort (Andre Braugher, Sahr Ngaujah), Tyler James Williams in Go On, and NeNe Leaks in The New Normalmany of these new series haven’t premiered yet, so we can’t really say whether they’ll hold up over the long-term.

But we can still have some fun with it all.

Regardless, you should get ready for the cancellations of any of these new shows, because, as history shows, the majority of them won’t be returning next year.

Read more at The Futon Critic.

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That number is shockingly high; I thought it was much more brutal than that. The sport of it all is half the fun!


I predict these shows will be the first ones to get canceled:

Partners ( Sorry, Will & Grace did that already!)
Made in Jersey ( Seriously??? The promos even look bad)

Guys with Kids (About ten years too late)
Animal Practice ( This isn't Comedy Central)

Last Resort ( Looks too much like Battleship: The TV series)

The Mob Doctor (Don't they know that mob shows only work on cable?)

Adam Scott Thompson

For the record, network TV is Thunderdome. Even if your show is a critical darling it won't persist if it can't bring in ratings (and thus more ad revenue). Basic cable is a bit friendlier; AMC is the belle of that ball. The sweet spot is subscriber-based premium cable — HBO, Showtime, Starz, etc. A show like "The Wire" wouldn't have lasted thirteen episodes on NBC, but on HBO it had a chance (and still had to fight for survival — plus, no Emmys… not a one). That said, the big networks usually take a shit-shovel-barnside approach to each fall season — sling a bunch of shows out there, see what sticks.

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