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S&A ‘Scandal’ Talk-Back Session Season 2, Episode 1 – Thoughts On Last Night’s Premiere?

S&A 'Scandal' Talk-Back Session Season 2, Episode 1 - Thoughts On Last Night's Premiere?

I’m behind today folks; I haven’t even watched the episode yet (I was out last night and missed it), and may not get to it until later today, or over the weekend. But I didn’t want that get in the way of our popular Friday Scandal talkback sessions, which you guys seemed to like, given your participation last season.

So, while you wait for me to share my thoughts, feel free to jump in and share yours if you watched it last night, picking up where we left off at the end of season 1.

And for those who haven’t watched it, and plan to do so eventually, I suggest you stay away from this post, because there are bound to be spoilers in the comment section.

So, I’m passing the mic; your thoughts on season 2, episode 1? Do we find out who Quinn Perkins is? Was the revelation worth the wait? What about all the “secrets” that were promised to be revealed? Are Olivia Pope and the Prez still doing their dance, and if so, is it working for you? When I got home last night, I skimmed my Twitter feed and saw a couple of comments that seemed baffled by the handling of “genocide in East Sudan;” I didn’t press for more, figuring that I’d watch the episode myself eventually to get the full story, but feel free to toss your $.02 in on that as well? There was also some concern among techies about the veracity of Huck’s occasional technology references as Olivia’s go-to technology pro. Any notable changes compared to season 1? Was it a good, strong start that makes you anxious for episode 2, and the rest of the season? Your overall take on where this season looks to be heading? Anything else that needs to be mentioned and/or discussed?

Dig in… I’ll share my thoughts on the episode either over the weekend, or early next week, after I’ve watched it.

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NO. The wait to find out about Quinn was NOT worth it. I mean, really who cares about Quinn??? The Pres and Liv late night talks WERE worth it.


The Presidential stuff and the case-of-the-week were good; I think all the spinning and machinations are the best part of the show. The "who is Quinn Perkins" plot, however, was implausible and ridiculous. Really, one of America's most wanted is hiding in plain sight, appearance unchanged, in freaking Washington D.C. and no one recognizes her? Stupid. Olivia knows who she is and proceeds to parade her around in front of high-profile and elite clients? Incredibly stupid. Quinn, knowing her own true identity takes a job with a team of highly skilled skeleton uncoverers? Too stupid for life. Amanda Tanner, the reporter, and the VP's advisor all died/vanished last season, shortly after Quinn came aboard; why wouldn't any authority find that suspect? Why no fall out from all that crazy White House shit period? I just can't with this new development. We got a good Olivia/Quinn scene out of it, but it doesn't make sense. They've really painted themselves into a corner here. And they need a new team member, stat; we're getting waaay too much of the terrible redhead.


the actor playing Huck has it down… He's creepy but in a way that makes you say its a good kind of creepy… I was on the edge of my chair and cant wait till next week…so many questions…..
I think Olivia is totally lost now that Stephen is gone.. because he was the only person she could really talk to about the president and other things that the rest of the group doesnt know about.. she looked totally lost….in some of the scenes….


CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP and LAZY. That's right, we sat through 56 minutes of amatuerish fast camera movements, blurring fades and hard to follow speed talk, only to be hit with that — can I say — cheap and implausible ending. But listen, let me go back. Has anyone seen the movie "Death Takes A Holiday"? Well, in short, Death decides to take a holiday from his usual business to see what it is like to be a mortal. So, in order for me to see what it is like to be a real prime time tv fan, "Unbelievable, Unfeasible and Impractical had to take a holiday. WOW! I mean, Scandal wasn't completely unpalatable but I had to wash it down with large gulps of totally suspending belief. For example, someone mentioned Huck's incredible genius ( what’s up with the long facial shots) WHACK! Lindsey Dryer fired Oliva and changed lawyers and considered a new plea WITHOUT Ms. Pope knowing anything about it. WHACK! Who saw the ending? WHACK! That reminds me, is Kerry Washington the star of this show? Hell, in the first 10 minutes she only had 2 lines. And what exactly is her position/job… who pays her and does she have other clients? Heck, if one didn't see the first season and thus relied solely on the first 20 minutes of this episode (not to mention that sappy phone conversation) they would think her job is creeping with the president… peering in the eyes and lusting after him. Speaking of the phone sex scene, that must be meant for chicks – huh? I mean, come on…. long boring pauses as the camera shifts between Olivia and Stephen Finch while the music crescendos. CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP ! They should have broke out with Marvin Gaye's "Distant Lover". At least that would have engaged me… I would have sang along. But man, I don't know if any answers were revealed but I have several questions. What's the gist/plot of this series? If they're going for tight courtroom drama… failure. And who cares about the single congressman who got a quickie on his office desk? What's it all about Alfie? Hell, I found NO characters to care about. The best part of last nights episode was the preview of next weeks show. I can't wait to see the butt naked black preacher, handcuffed to a prostitute in a hideaway hotel. And I hope Oliva gets a man, a woman or a sex toy. I am tired of seeing her lost and lonely. Give her some authority… give her a solid story-line… give her a friend… give her something to do besides making mysterious phone calls in the 11th hour. I mean, from what I saw, she ain't running a damn thing and she's not the star of this prime time soap opera . She's simply black bait.


This season premiere came out with a bang. I loved it. Everyone was on their A-game; I could even tolerate Quinn for the whole episode and I usually don't pay much attention to that girl. Liv and Fitz have the purest chemistry I've ever seen. I don't know too many people who can hold a phone and you can feel it through a screen; no words spoken but just breath? Take my hear and seal it. Fitz showed us who was boss with both Cyrus and Mellie tonight, Clearly Liv makes him a better, more aware man because he is on his A-game when she gives him some insight. Mellie couldn't get Fitz to drink a bottle of water, he really does despise her. I almost feel bad for her, but then I remember who I am talking about and Mellie is never one to be put down and stay down. She has all the tricks up her sleeve and she will use them when needed.

The episode was great and I can't wait for the rest of the season. I actually want to know Who is Quinn and most of all, why did Olivia and Huck set her up with a new life and then hire her and act like they never knew the girl. Olivia made a call to someone and that someone clearyly has some power to get Quinn off but I do wonder which part of her soul has she sold to get that done. I doubt its the first time this has happened.

Overall great show and I can't wait for more Scandal!!!


I agree with previous posts…I was more concerned with Olivia Pope's connection to this whole thing, which is what I'd been wondering from the beginning anyway. From episode 1 of last season, I got the sense that Olivia had Quinn involved with what they were doing to keep a protective eye over her. The question is: who is Olivia's other client? It seems Quinn just got caught in the middle of something much larger than her, and Olivia, not wanting her to take the fall for something she didn't do, took her on as a client, or perhaps the "other" client requested it…this will be interesting.
Loved the phone scene…classic Liv & Fitz. They have definitely got "it." Millie didn't disappoint…she is truly the wicked witch of the West Wing, it seems. She did show vulnerability when Fitz said no one cared about what she thought, because she was "ornamental, not functional." I even felt sorry for her…for a moment. That vulnerability may have been for show to gain some traction with Fitz, or if genuine, she's spinning it to get in with Fitz…you can't tell with her.
———————————————————————————————————I have to say, I love most of the characters in this show (Quinn…meh), but Abby grates on my nerves. I've been wishing since last season they'd replace her with someone else. She's just not likeable or interesting. Millie is a character I love to hate, and I enjoy watching her scenes. Abby just makes me want to fast-forward…she spoiled some of the earlier scenes for me because they kept cutting to her smug face.
Finally, I enjoyed the "Olivia & Huck: Partners in Crime"segment at the end. Looking forward to, what promises to be, an exciting ride this season, and can't wait for next week's episode. For now, though, I'm going to Hulu to watch last night's episode again.


Liv and Fitz have mad chemistry even over the phone… just saying.


That show needs to be two hours… At the end you were left asking who is Olivia Pope not Quinn?
Some memorable lines included POTUS's rant to FLOTUS "you are ornamental, not functional!"
Won't say anymore for those who have not seen it yet. Scandal Season Two is well on its way to making this another enjoyable ride.


Hello. (silence)
Oh , and with the background music, this Liv and Fitz telephone exchange was titillating .
The who created Quinn ending left my mouth hanging wide opened.What the Huck just happened.
I still had to use my close caption option, for the speed talk .


Funny I was just looking to see what you wrote–I just watched it on ABC site as I missed it and besides don't have cable Tv. Ok, the Quinn reveal was messy/sloppy at best. I read this earlier on another site and vs rewriting I'll post this link as I agree 100%. Found this article while waiting for yours. 'Scandal' Season 2 premiere: Forget Quinn Perkins – who is Olivia Pope?
By Rick Porter | September 27, 2012 11:00 PM ET

It sums up my POV. Which is they are going to try and drag this thing out, makes for great anticipation at best, but who Olivia called to get the case tossed, didn't add up, tho cool and shows some of her untapped or power as a political baller in true crisis form. Also, lots of the same shady stuff that was happening from season 1 with Amanda Tanners abduction seems sorta related ie) Huc's background gig prior to him joining Olivias crew. (???) also, they seem to ket that go and the beef btween Olivia/Cyrus I guess was just par for the course in this world as writers don't even deal with it–Amanda was here, she was a pawn in a political mishmash she's abducted, pres/his thugs get blamed, and moving right along….so many fires are left undone. Even the fact that Quinns newly murdered boyfriend was left out in court from Season 1, now shes got a second dead lover and the court stuff didnt even touch that??? Why is the guy pressing charges so intent on her getting death penalty–like he had a personal beef to grind…..most is just loose ends were sposed to let go I guess cause its a cool show??? Too many loose ends…lol.

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