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Samuel L. Jackson To Ask Voters To ‘Wake The F@#% Up’ For Obama

Samuel L. Jackson To Ask Voters To 'Wake The F@#% Up' For Obama

The ad hasn’t premiered yet and people are already asking that it not be shown.

I’m referring to a new internet political ad that will premiere on YouTube on September 24th in which Samuel L. Jackson literally asks voters to “Wake The F@#% Up! Vote for Obama.”

Of course the operative word being Jackson’s favorite word in the entire English language.

Needless to say, this is not an official ad put out by the Democratic Party, but a new ad funded by the Jewish Council for Education and Research Super PAC.

The same group was also behind another controversial “get out the vote” ad in which comedian Sarah Silverman offered “free lesbian sex” to GOP big money donor billionaire Sheldon Adelson, if he stopped funding Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign.

So ya think Jackson’s ad will convince any of those swing voters to Obama’s side or the scare them away?

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I can't vote for a guy who supports torture and has Americans executed along with their children without due process. I'm voting for Governor Gary Johnson. He's antiwar, anti-torture, has a long history of reducing government spending and has principles, something that is missing in the other two Bozo's.


"Obama(add without spaces yer clever little jibism to punctuate whatcha really feelin' about the prez here)" is so…so…Romney-esque.

Whining and complaining about what Obama hasn't done, didn't get right, both the completely imaginative false notions as well a the actual ones, does nothing to solve problems. Entertaining distractions, some of these, but the bottom Effin line remains the same: Obstacles are what is seen when one's attention is removed from the primary goal. A famous football coach said it more succinctly, but the gist is the same.
If someone's agenda or goal is to win the pissing contest, I will not vote for them.
Obama, unlike some other candidate(s), has as his goal, a better future for his family, and Americans. Period. He may or may not get everything right. His heart is American. He doesn't have offshore bank accounts. He has daughters, who he believes should grow up and work in an America that does not penalize them with a twenty-seven-cent reduction for every dollar earned merely because they have no penis. If you do not meet the work standard or are just lazy, regardless of your gender, you should not get the paycheck. If you are doing what you were hired to do, you should be as compensated fairly for your efforts, as every other worker.
And Sandra, your comment, prefaced with the word, "Gosh"–solidifies from the git-go, your blatant ignorance and opted naivety, for surely, you aren't as despicable a person as your words impress…are you? I beg your pardon: you might not have animosity…but you do seem to be in a bit of a stupor.

Just a thought from pasty-white, old


Gosh, black folks love them some Obama! For not going along with the masses, I am told to take my meds, STFU; I'm full of air; I should go somewhere else with my comments, and that I am a ABW not because of politics. Interesting and sad. For what it's worth, I'm not for Romney either. There is so much going on beyond Dem vs Rep. It's not that simple as it is portrayed in the mainstream. No animosity on my part though because I was once caught up in the glitz, glamour, propaganda as well…then I woke up.


Sandra, a lot of words no content. I think you're just plain old angry nothing to do with politics.


I was on the Obama bandwagon the first time around, but I WILL NOT be joining in on the Obamapolooza festivities this time. Flashy smiles, expensive suits and stirring speeches abound while honest answers about 9/11 remain concealed and implementation of policies to strip Americans of their rights is the order of the day. So tired of the spectacle, fake "East Coast/West Coast" rivalry that is the circus show of Dem vs Rep. Power lies not with the President; he's just the spokesmodel. So yeah…I agree people should wake the F*** up and see beyond the political spectacle.


I can't wait to see it!

Hugh Betcha

What the 'fugg' are you talking about?


Hey, if republicans can have celebrities talk to chairs democrats can have celebrities say f@#%. It's only fair.

Floyd Webb

Being from a fan of the church of the sub genii slogan, "fugg if if they can't take a joke" I wholly endorse Mr Jackson's effort to get them swing voters and others to "wake the fugg up!!" For surely the " slack."

I think he would gain ever more mileage is he would ask the POTUS "what the fugg is up" with indefinite detention and extra- judicial execution of American citizens. Surely some Enemy of the State shown it going on with that.

I depend on Sam Jackson to keep it real raw. Plus I will get a chuckle out of it.

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