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Take A Peek At Production Set Photos From ‘Black Girl In Paris’

Take A Peek At Production Set Photos From 'Black Girl In Paris'

Well I figured that it wouldn’t take long.

Yesterday, I reported that there was a film version of Shay Youngblood’s novel, Black Girl In Pariscurrently in production, starring Tracey Heggins from Medicine for Melancholy, and British actress Zaraah Abrahams.

I even posted a short video interview with Ms. Abrahams in which she confirmed that she was currently working on the film.

The only problem was, as hard as we tried, we couldn’t find ANY information about the film, especially with regards to who was involved the behind the camera. 

Well, guess what? I was contacted by the producer of the film (Kiara C. Jones) who let me know that she is indeed producing the film through her production company Cultivated Films. The director is Kiandra Parks  whose previous work was the 2010 short film Candy.

The director of photography is Shlomo Godder, who is shooting the film on Kodak 35mm on a Panavision Platnum camera (YAY! FILM STILL LIVES!).

Check out the on-set photos below:

Ms. Jones also sent along these stills from the production set; the film is being targeted for a 2013 release.

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calvin parks, sr

Always knew you were talented; didn't realize how dedicated and hard working you are. Very admirable qualities. Sending love from the D.C area.


Ok KIANDRA keep up the good wrk. I'm so happy that ur doing ur thing honey boo boo LOL love ya kisses.


it's the the normal battle -we all want to shoot film. Film didn't just die cause we hate it, all these S&A filmmakers I bet would love to shoot film but the damn Telecine cost kills you and as an indie filmmaker the bottom line is to make your film so Digital or 4k 5k it is but all of us would love to shoot film. There are a lot of filmmakers who feel with Film versus Digital that your trading your OIL PAINTS FOR A BOX OF CRAYONS !


I am beyond excited. This is one of my favorite books. In place of another wonderful book from Shay Youngblood, which I am still waiting on, this will have to do!


I look forward to finally reading the book AND seeing the movie. I referenced this post on my blog:

Baba Kamau

You go, Grandgirl! I'm loving it. Can't wait to hear it. Continue to make me/us proud. LOVE! Kiandra's grandfather.


I live in the District of the 4th picture!


SO excited! This is one of my favorite novels and I'm so happy there is a film version coming out. Also glad to see Tracey Heggins again. She was great in Medicine for Melancholy.

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