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‘Taken 2’ Soundtrack Features Two Key Songs From ‘Drive’ & More

'Taken 2' Soundtrack Features Two Key Songs From 'Drive' & More

Listen, we know that songs are never just used once, and popular tunes can be utilized across any number of films. And if we’re going to get technical about this whole thing, Kavinsky & Lovefoxx‘s “Nightcall” actually featured on The Lincoln Lawyer” soundtrack before it became massive with “Drive” (though music supervisor Eric Craig worked on both films). But it’s undeniable that Nicolas Winding Refn‘s film was one of the big soundtrack stories of 2011, spawning a “Drive” tour with the bands this spring, and a vinyl reissue of the album this summer, so this move by whoever is working on “Taken 2” feels a bit lazy.

As Bryan Mills works his way across Istanbul kicking ass, you will be hearing at some point “A Real Hero” by College & Electric Youth and “Tick Of The Clock” by Chromatics, two of the centerpiece songs from “Drive.” Considering that “Taken 2” only has a tiny handful of songs to begin with, we wonder why anyone would shortcut like that — certainly the filmmakers could’ve tried to be a bit more adventurous? But then again, we’re talking about “Taken 2” so perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised.

Anyway, the soundtrack will feature the score by Nathaniel Mechaly, along with a handful of songs, and will be released in France on October 1st — no stateside date yet. “Taken 2” opens on October 5th. [Film Music Reporter]

“Taken 2” Soundtrack Tracklist

1. Taken 2
2. The Burial
3. Too Close – Alex Clare
4. Kim and Jamie’s Car
5. Let Me – Phoebe Killdeer and the Short Straws
6. Back to Paris
7. Bryan Waiting for Leonore
8. Torture
9. Bagasaz – Kasbah Rockers Feat. Ozgür Sakar
10. Kim and Bryan on the Bosphorus
11. Murad Arrives
12. Pursuit in the Souk
13. Bryan and Leonore Are Taken
14. A Real Hero – College & Electric Youth
15. In the Van
16. Murad Faces Bryan
17. Bryan Escapes
18. Tick of the Clock – Chromatics
19. Kim Hides at the Hotel
20. Bosumus – Sabahat Akkiraz
21. Searching for Leonore
22. Fight in the Mammam
23. Death of Murad
24. Handyman – Henrik Wikstrom/Steve Martin

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You can hear the song playing in the earphones the daughter is wearing when she is entering the swimming-pool…

Tristan P

It should be understood that this was not 'lazy'. It was a purposeful attempt to (whatever the reason) pay homage to the 2011 Nicolas Winding Refn film. Notice the track 'Tick of the Clock' playing as Kim (the daughter and coincidentally the driver in this situation) is anxiously waiting in the car while being under a time limit of 5 minutes, mirroring Gosling's character's 5 minutes early in the 2011 film. It is just too much of a coincidence for it to be anything but a reference.


I've heard and seen this movie several times and I am unable to identify the song "Real Hero" on this movie. Could you point it out for me please ??


what is the song at the very end that says dont knock it come to LA?


Real Hero has become the unofficial theme to Drive. It's now become synonymous with the film. They might as well just use the Bond theme.


Why the fuck would they even think they could do that?

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