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Terry Crews Joins Cast Of Netflix Series ‘Arrested Development’

Terry Crews Joins Cast Of Netflix Series 'Arrested Development'

Man, that Terry Crews is one hard working actor. Not only is he a regular on HBO’s The Newsroom and TBS’ Are We There Yet?, he’s now joined the cast for the new season of the comedy series, Arrested Development, which has been revived by Netflix and is currently in production.

To remind people, Development was a Fox comedy series, about the dysfunctional Bluth family, which aired for three seasons (2003-2006) until the network pulled it off the air, because of low ratings.

It was one of those cult hit shows – the kind that everyone likes to say was the funniest TV show ever since the Resurrection. However NO ONE watched it.

There were rumors for a while of a feature film version of the series, in the works, but, finally, Netflix brought back the show for a fourth season as a streaming video series.

The new 10-episode 4th season will premiere sometime in 2013.

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Arrested Development seemed to be one of those shows that I'd prefer to watch in a marathon or in bunches rather than by 'appointment viewing' on a weekly basis. I thought it was funny but I never had the time to sit down and watch every episode every week that it aired.


Terry Crews and GregAllen Williams are never without work.


Love that guy! But nothing's gonna top this—


If Marvel ever decides to make that Luke Cage movie or Heroes For Hire TV show I hope everyone will back Terry for it.
Him or Michael Jai White.

D.C. Kirkwood

Question? I asked this on another Terry Crews post. Is Are We There Yet still airing? I heard it got cancelled. They renewed it for alot of episodes like Tyler Perry "For Better or Worse" then they never aired any more episodes. I never got a chance to watch it. I found out about it late. Did anybody see the show? Was it good or not? Thanks


Sergio(the author) must hate this show.

Why write this article if you are just going to put the series down and make claims like 'the movie was just a rumor'? Obviously you have no interest in the series and haven't followed up on the current state of AR, at all. The movie is on schedule to be filmed this summer, after they wrap up the 10+ episodes w/ Netflix. Post film, they are anticipating a potential 5th season and beyond w/ Netflix.

Sergio, go back to writing about things you care about.


Loved the show, watched it faithfully when it was on, and am excited for its return. Great news for Terry. Even Liza Minelli is coming back; it's gonna be crazy!


I was probably too young to appreciate this show when it came out, but the laughs still hold up years later. I think Terry will be a perfect fit!

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