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The Male Dominated Emmy Awards

The Male Dominated Emmy Awards

Last week we posted a piece about the research that showed that women created 26% of the TV shows during the 2011-2012 season.  But, based on the lack of women visible onstage at last night’s Emmy Awards in any category but acting, you could have gotten the impression that  women are basically invisible as creators, writers and directors of TV shows.  (I know that women won awards given at last weekend’s Creative Emmy’s but they were not on TV last night for the world to see.)

The only women I saw onstage were some writers from The Daily Show and I heard one woman’s name mentioned as a writer on Homeland

But not a single woman made a speech for anything other than an acting award.

I can’t remember the last time I saw a more male centric and narcissistic show.  And it started from the top with host Jimmy Kimmel doing his Who’s Afraid of Baby Jane botox disaster bit featuring several high profile actresses in bathrobes (and a naked Lena Dunham eating cake.)  That’s when I knew we were in trouble.

It seems like Louis CK won every award that Lena Dunham was nominated for.  If you didn’t notice, Girls was shut out.  While people in NY may really, really like Girls, the boys in Hollywood (even with the Judd Apatow factor) just clearly are not on board the Girls train.  Maybe it is too soon for that show, but they did show lots of love for Homeland and it was that show’s first season too.

I had a hard time watching Jimmy Kimmel go on and about us how great he is.   The guy was already hosting the show, why did he have to do skits about how great he was?

And don’t get me started on Steve Levitan the creator of Modern Family.  Every time the guy got up to accept an award I just wanted to hurl.  We all know he loves himself but does he need to put his foot in his mouth everytime he opens it.  No wonder his co-creator Christopher Lloyd (did he even thank him?) doesn’t come to these events.  Who wants to be on a stage with him?  I am guessing he is talented and I do love the show, but isn’t receiving your third Emmy in a row a time for self deprecation?  But no, this is Hollywood where idiot boys can get up on a stage and do stupid things (yes, you Tracy Morgan) and people just laugh at it all the way to the bank.

But all was not lost.  Congrats to Julia Louis-Dreyfus for winning a best actress in a comedy series Emmy for her third show.  The only other actress to accomplish that feat is Tyne Daly for Cagney and Lacey, Christy and Judging Amy.

So now that the boys of TV world have congratulated themselves and their wives (wasn’t there more than usual amount of wife thanking last night?) we can now get ready for the new TV season to kick off officially tonight.  Here’s to hoping that some of the new shows created by women (and some of the old ones like The Middle) get some recognition at next year’s Emmys.

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One clearly gets the feeling Melissa won't be satisfied until all men have been purged from being involved in entertainment. I expect a certain amount of estrogen-powered "Rah-rah-rah," on a blog like this, but the blatant misandry has gotten real old.
If women get to run articles with names like "Girls Rule the Documentary World," then why the hell shouldn't men pat themselves on the back for ruling the broadcast world?
And it says a lot that Melissa adores a show whose creator and cast are famous for racism and classism. Your support for her totally destroys her victim-cred. But hey, I'm sure Dunham and her idiotic pals would have made the show more classy, right? Look, she's already worn out her welcome. She's not hip of a voice of any generation, because rich white females from New York are NOT the bulk of generation-Y or even the white portion of generation-Y.
Sorry you're the last to realize that.
P.S. Who are you tell anyone that if they win multiple Emmys they should denigrate themselves? Just because you hate male-awards winners and desperately wish they would see how horrible they are, doesn't mean they share your hatred of themselves.
I've yet to read one self-deprecating word from you Melissa about yourself. You want the winners to be self-effacing, lead by example!


Girls is not a good show and this whole article reads of butthurt. Yes, there should be more women represented but rather than going oh no men suck, how about we spotlight and showcase female talent out there. It would do a lot more good and actually get these women the attention and recognition they deserve. Write an article on women who SHOULD be considered or, if you can't find any, maybe some who are on their way up.


Melissa, I have to respectfully disagree with some of your comments above. Yes, there are not enough women behind the camera and giving speeches. But come on, as much as "Girls" was interesting, it was not a steady high-quality show their entire season. If I recall correctly, even you acknowledged that. And Lena was always naked in her show, so I think it was funny to have her naked in the skit. (Which I loved was all women and just Jimmy – the only guy) And for some reason Steve Levitan did not rub me the wrong way he did for you. I think he's an introvert who's uncomfortable speaking in public, just less so than his partner, Mr. Lloyd. So his phrases come out awkward. There's a reason he's a writer. We're often less smooth on the spot and off the cuff. And if you noticed, at one point they were very aware to say "spouse" instead of wife. Because they knew their creative team was not just all men or heterosexual couples. I feel like part of you wanted to hate this show – and it made you very subjective… No disrespect intended. Thanks for all your hard work.

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