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Thoughts On Jay Pharoah’s Debut As President Obama On ‘SNL’?

Thoughts On Jay Pharoah's Debut As President Obama On 'SNL'?

Saturday Night Live returned for a new season over trhe weekend, with an expected emphasis placed on the show’s contributions to weekly political commentary, especially with another presidential election in full swing.

While Jason Sudeikis is your Romney, Fred Armisen has been relieved of his Obama duties, and replaced by… Jay Pharoah, who joined the cast in 2010.

Said exec producer Lorne Michaels, “Jay has been doing Obama in his act this summer, and Jay is coming into his own… I just thought it might be time to shake it up.

Congrats to Jay on the promotion; he’s got a busy fall ahead of him, and maybe even further out.

He made his debut as Obama on Saturday night’s season premiere; did you watch it? And if you, what did you think of his Obama impersonation? 

I didn’t watch SNL, but I did catch Pharoah’s debut online yesterday, and embedded it below for those who missed it. I wasn’t a fan of Armisen as Obama, and Pharoah is definitely a step up, but just not as good as I think he (or the impersonation) needs to be.

Too many “uhs;” a bit overdone; not laidback/relaxed/cool enough.

I’ve seen better from other comedians (who aren’t cast members of SNL). But Pharoah’s the guy, so I’ll obviously have to live with it. And maybe he’ll get better with each show.

I did like the passing of the torch, as Armisen introduced Pharoah as Obama, and the “wouldn’t want his job” line, which I thought was funny.

What did you think?


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Uhhhhh…..he was doing the 'uh's' for comedic effect…sheesh!


Christopher B. Duncan (Braxton from "The Jamie Foxx Show") does an AWESOME Obama…


Happy that Armisen is leaving that behind (his best work is on PORTLANDIA, anyway). Pharoah was very good and captured many of Obama's mannerisms. He's the guy for the job. Sudeikis is a brilliant Romney.

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