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Today’s Lesson – You Can’t Please the Twihards

Today's Lesson - You Can't Please the Twihards

Today I learned an important lesson which I probably already should have known.  The people who care about all things Twilight — the fans of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are intense.  These people — it seems they are mostly women – are about as intractable as the Israelis and the Palestinians.

I caused a bit of a stir — it really only lasted 30 minutes but I am running on fumes here in Toronto so it seemed like hours — when I published a guest post in response to another Guest Post: A Fan Speaks – Kristen Stewart and Our Miserable Failure.

It was a guest post that came from an email I was sent and I solicited it, and yes, it would have kept the Kristen Stewart affair story going on a bit longer.  I thought the post was fine.  Still do.  I think the writer worked hard on it.  I read it, edited it and posted it.

Not even a minute later that first nasty tweets started coming in.  There were just a couple but I just imagined the flood gates opening.  The accusations of link baiting began right away. 

So I stopped and read it again.  Did these tweets make me rethink my post?  Yes.  But they did not make me take it down.  If I really thought the post was moving the conversation forward I would have kept it up.

So I pulled it. 

I’ve gotten negative tweets before and haven’t pulled a piece.  But this time I did, and I stand by my decision.

Now I’m getting emails calling me a coward.  People – if you knew me – coward is not the word people use to describe me.  Ever.

I write about feminist issues in the entertainment business.  That is not for the faint hearted.

But I am also a woman who cares about giving women a fair shake and for raising the conversation to a higher place.  We all deserve better.

What is happening is still so sad and I’m going to report on it and feature pieces when it is warranted. 

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"Like Oh my God, Becky… Did you hear about that girl from the vampire movies? Oh… she did other films? Oh… I'll totally see them!" (Watching ANY other film by K.S.) "Oh wow… she's so… um… Wait, this isn't her doing the vampire movies? Hmm… Okay… So she did WHAT?!?! Oh wow… you're right! That is WAY more interesting! So like, who are you going to have lunch with tomorrow?!?!?"


It really makes me sad that you would have such vitriol directed at you over that piece. I myself enjoy the twilight franchise, mostly because of miss Stewart & I cannot believe how some behave. It's been nice to have the odd piece that is totally shaming the fuck out of Kristen, but the fact people who say they are fans behave in such a manner toward anyone is seriously disheartening. I accept twilight as a film for entertainment, that has some problematic elements is not to be taken seriously. But the attack on Kristen is and the attack on you as well, very disappointing indeed.


I am completely disgusted with people who refer to Twilight fans in a derogatory manner. Male movie fans unquestioningly accept the moronic movie standard that all female space aliens wear lingerie and stilettos. Male Hollywood represents all young females as victims, sex workers, strippers, drug addicts and prostitutes and no one calls them morons for that. But for some reason it's OK to single out the Twilight fantasy and call the young women who see it stupid people who lack taste. Apparently there is no one associated with Hollywood who respects the female audience. Even the women Directors and Producers make movies for "the real movie audience" males.


For the record I'd say most of Kristen's fans are not "Twihards", a term created by one of the Twilight actors that the media has since used derogatively for their own amusement it seems. Most see the films simply to support the hard work she's put into the films and see it for the cheese that it is and wouldn't be caught dead at a Twilight convention. Pity you feel the need to generalize. Secondly, may I suggest you read this brilliant piece from Kris Tapley. You can, indeed, please the "Twihards" if you take a minute to pull yourself out of your own ignorance. This is how you "support" an actor. The commentary regarding Kristen's personal travails at this point is like watching a hyena regurgitating the meat already picked from a carcass.


It's too bad that you took it down. I think the reaction from the fandom is exactly the reason why it's important to have this discussion.


Who cares


Really, Kristen's fans are bullying media?! Because I would guess that the people who get their income from Kristen Stewart are the ones trying to control the story and comments. I am sick of people calling Twilight fans unbalanced or stupid. It is profoundly sexist. Women audiences are not obligated to like any movie or actors. Women and girls are chronically misrepresented by the movie industry. Because of this they have very little loyalty towards the people who make money misrepresenting them and denying real women a voice in media. That is hardly surprising.


That's too bad. Your article was the fairest assessment I've read on this whole debacle. Don't feel bad though. Her fans have apparently been bullying every news outlet that dares say anything about Kristen that's not 100% glowing. They are only doing her more damage ofcourse as they passed the point of annoying about a month ago.

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