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Today’s Lesson – You Can’t Please the Twihards

Today's Lesson - You Can't Please the Twihards

Today I learned an important lesson which I probably already should have known.  The people who care about all things Twilight — the fans of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are intense.  These people — it seems they are mostly women – are about as intractable as the Israelis and the Palestinians.

I caused a bit of a stir — it really only lasted 30 minutes but I am running on fumes here in Toronto so it seemed like hours — when I published a guest post in response to another Guest Post: A Fan Speaks – Kristen Stewart and Our Miserable Failure.

It was a guest post that came from an email I was sent and I solicited it, and yes, it would have kept the Kristen Stewart affair story going on a bit longer.  I thought the post was fine.  Still do.  I think the writer worked hard on it.  I read it, edited it and posted it.

Not even a minute later that first nasty tweets started coming in.  There were just a couple but I just imagined the flood gates opening.  The accusations of link baiting began right away. 

So I stopped and read it again.  Did these tweets make me rethink my post?  Yes.  But they did not make me take it down.  If I really thought the post was moving the conversation forward I would have kept it up.

So I pulled it. 

I’ve gotten negative tweets before and haven’t pulled a piece.  But this time I did, and I stand by my decision.

Now I’m getting emails calling me a coward.  People – if you knew me – coward is not the word people use to describe me.  Ever.

I write about feminist issues in the entertainment business.  That is not for the faint hearted.

But I am also a woman who cares about giving women a fair shake and for raising the conversation to a higher place.  We all deserve better.

What is happening is still so sad and I’m going to report on it and feature pieces when it is warranted. 

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