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Trailer For Documentary ‘Africa Straight Up’ From

Trailer For Documentary 'Africa Straight Up' From

As a nod to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s danger of a single story comes a documentary series from titled Africa Straight Up

The website’s goals are: to change the way the world sees Africa, and to be the online platform for those changes.

Here’s how  the documentary Africa Straight Up is described:

With more than a billion people spread across 54 countries, speaking more than 3,000 languages, Africa cannot – and should not – be limited to a single narrative. Africa Straight Up is an insider’s look at positive stories about Africa and its diaspora. 

Look for Africa Straight Up on October 8th; also, you can get updates about the film and sign up for early release at or Twitter @Africa_com and include hashtag #AfricaStraightUp.

Watch the trailer below:

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As much as I can't stand propaganda, I've always felt that Africa has come a very long way and people STILL don't know how prosperous the country is becoming. And I'm not talking South Africa either. I remember joining a facebook group back in 2009-10, it was called "The Africa They Don't Show You" and I almost lost my mind with the amount of information coming from those local citizens of Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Egypt, (and of course, South Africa) who shared dialogue and personal accounts along with current photos of the people, places and things that they've encountered in their hometowns (internet cafes, stadium seat movie theatres, indoor shopping malls, upscale restaurants and bars, beautiful homes). You can tell it came from a place of disgust because all they've been told about their country (from outsiders mind you) is that the Aids/HIV epidemic is rampant, there's a shortage of food and basic resources, there are civil wars and genocides and that just about EVERYBODY lives in a hut with a goat and an elephant. Of course they didn't deny the ills of those societies (like every society): poverty, crime, corruption, etc. but it just seemed like those things took a front seat so there would be no valid reason to visit these places unless you were on missionary work or doing something for the UN Peace Corps. So nothing in this documentary really shocks me, I'm well aware of whats presented. I look forward to seeing it. My hope is that even though they truly deserve some well financed propaganda, that they do deal with the realities of whats going on over there as well.

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