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Trailer, Poster, Pics For Film Adaptation Of Controversial Dutch Novel About Interracial Relationships

Trailer, Poster, Pics For Film Adaptation Of Controversial Dutch Novel About Interracial Relationships

Here’s your first look at the film adaptation of the controversial bestseller by Dutch writer Robert Vuijsje, titled Alleen Maar Nette Mensen (or Only Decent People).

Recall when we first alerted you to the project last fall, and all the strong reactions that followed – not just here on S&A, but in The Netherlands as well, since the book’s release; it sounds like one of those things you need to see to actually believe… and even then may still not believe it.

Here’s the official synopsis for the film adaptation: 

ONLY DECENT PEOPLE is a Dutch comedy based on the controversial bestseller by Robert Vuijsje. Starring Geza Weisz, Imanuelle Grives, Annet Malherbe & Jeroen Krabbe. David Samuels is from an intellectual Jewish family from the posh Amsterdam Old South, where he is often mistaken as Moroccan because of his dark hair. David is a remarkable man on a mission: to find a ghetto fabulous queen with great tits and thick buttocks. His parents and friends declare him mad, but David continues unabated. His search leads him to the Bijlmer, where, after some wild adventures he is left disappointed. Will David ever find his ideal woman – a large, dark sex goddess with booty and brains?

The book is said to have been heavily criticized and debated within the Black community in The Netherlands, which maybe shouldn’t be a surprise, given the above synopsis. And I don’t think the trailer below does much to change perceptions.

As the Afro-Europe blog noted last year, when we profiled the film:

Some people felt that the book cheapened black women and interracial relationships, but others felt that a lot of black women fit the profile and should therefore not complain about the stereotypes in the book.

As we reported in our last post on it, the film adaptation will be released in The Netherlands on October 11, 2012, with actress Imanuelle Grives (Dutch, of Surinamese descent) playing the lead black woman character, and Geza Weisz playing the Jewish man.

No word on whether it’ll travel; although we may not want it to.

The film’s first trailer has surfaced (and a bunch of still photos, as well as the film’s poster) which you can watch and see below (NOTE: the trailer is NSFW, and it’s not subtitled either):

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Anthony E.

It looks great and can't wait to see it. I hope they release in the states or at least have a subtitled in English version.


@Mandla, "Oh, my aching head" is right. It's just so scary. Why ask why? We know know this film exists.


Oh, my aching head.


Thank you for posting this. I translated the film on Afro-Europe.
But here's is the translation

English translation
In the shop: David: No you don't have a big butt in those shoes
Text: David Samuels is nice Jewish guy
At the table with his parents: Parents: How long are you together? Girlfriend: Seven years and 3 months.
Text: With a kind mother
In the room with the dishes: Mother: We begin with the Gefilte fiish [Jewish] and the herring bon bon. Everyone may just take one of each.
Text: And nice girlfriend. But he really wants something else …
David on the street: David: The latetly I look at a totally different kind of women. "Hello beautiful ".
Old man at table says: "African Ladies, is that your field of interest.
At the table with two black men: David: The more darker she is, the closest she is to nature.
At the table with his parents: David: I am in love. Mother: with whom if I may ask? David: with Rowanda Father: Is that a Dutch name?
Changing scene Rowanda and parents: David: she 23 and has two kids.
At Rowanda's home: David: We eat on the couch. Mother: on the couch?
Group black guys: Black man: Now you are going to tell me that Rowando is your only chick.
David: Rowanda is my only chick.
Rowanda hits him: Rowanda: You know what you are, a gingerbread. A white man who hangs around to much with black people. You take over all the bad habits
Angry father: If your are going to ruin your life I will stop giving you money. You won't get anything from me.
Angry Rowanda screaming for balcony: Fuck you with your Oud Zuid [posh neighboorhood] Alleen maar nette mensen.

Humming Loon

Reader here from Holland; Canadian. Unfortunately I understand every single word in that trailer. In the clip the kerrel says to two black men, "Hoe donker dit is, hoe dichter ze bij de natuur staan", basically implying that women with darker skin are more animalistic. So there you have the film summed up: It's a sex thing. And notice how the two black fellas laugh it off. Can't be racist if they're laughing, right? :P

Despite the number of black people from Surinam (former colony), the Netherlands Antilles, and Africa, black people are still a minority in Holland, by far. There are lots of myths and misconceptions, and the inevitable racism. This ghetto queen that's depicted in the trailer… It's like a Dutch man's cartoon fetish brought to life. I've lived all over the Netherlands and have never encountered this Ghetto Bunny, thank god.

Regarding the book on which the film is based, the author was on Dutch tv about 2 years ago, actually defending this bullcrap, with a respectable black woman sitting beside him on the panel. But that's the Dutchies for you, wrong or right, they are straight up, no PC bullshit, unabashedly superior. Also, as you will recall from the Rhianna "nigga bitch" fiasco, Dutch media is really focused on shock value, just like America. Just like America, without a filter.

As for the nudity, some Dutch people say that it isn't a "real" Dutch film unless big tits, nudity and some gratuitous sex are thrown in as filler. This is normal here.

Truth be told, I was at the cinema two weeks ago and didn't see the trailer for this film. Like most Dutch films, I hope that it'll be universally ignored and die a quick, ruthless death. ;) I would really love if nothing further is posted about this movie. The very fact that it exists is enough punishment for us living here in the Netherlands, lol.


Tyler Perry has already done a lot of the same damage. Aside from the overt sexuality (which I know pushes Americans' buttons) this film isn't more woman hating or black hating than the stuff Tyler Perry squeezed from his hole for a decade.

d this is what the AA image has done to black women overseas just like hip hop and rap has NEGATIVELY affected black men GLOBALLY the ghetto fabulous bw caricture has travelled all over the WORLD! this is not culturally relevent to european blacks or africans this is an AMERICAN black woman image why the hell is it in a dutch film?


This is some serious foolishness. And while I think we need to press Hollywood for films with a broader range of characterizations, ultimately we need to pool our resources and CREATE and SUPPORT films with a broader range and more varied stories. We have to get out of the "if we don't see this awful film there will be no more black films" and nurture and develop writers, directors and producers of the types of films we WANT to see. Financially support scholarships so people can go to school for filmmaking. Make the extra effort to see independent films and go to African/African American film festivals. The foolishness will be there. But WE don't have to support it. And trust me, I have enjoyed my fair share of silly comedies with both Black and White casts, but there is certainly plenty of room for more, and varied stories with complex characterizations. You know, the way people really are. And real people are often quite funny.


The best new movie dealing with interracial relationships is Princess of Laos. Why, because the interracial aspect is just one of the underlining stories. Its the story of a lost love one. About a girl who was born in Laos to an African American father who she never knew. The lead actress is a 13 year old half Laotian and half African American whose real life great grandmother was married to the King of Laos. A must see family film. It will be released to dvd Sept 14th. View the trailer here at Shadow and Act. Search Princess of Laos


Just. Sigh.


What baffles me is that when a white female and black male are depicted in a movie, the white girl who is enriching herself in his black culture is always portrayed in such a decent way. "Save The Last Dance", "Honey"..can't think of any others.
It is media's mission to be one-dimensional and to perpetuate the negative.


"David is a remarkable man on a mission: to find a ghetto fabulous queen with great tits and thick buttocks." Wow. Just wow, and not in a good way. First of all, I keep thinking that is a man in drag standing next to him. The gold teeth, screaming……. What is the purpose of seeking out a woman based on t & a? He's seeking her out to what, perform some type of social/sexual experiment? Someone below approved of the movie. The issue with this movie is the same issue with most of the current media depicting Africans, African Americans, etc…..even though this movie is in the Netherlands, it suffers from the same lack of balance issue as other representations of people of color in the media. If this was a romantic comedy about plus sized or thick women that treated them like normal women with normal emotions (and not lonely and desperate) and didn't reduce them to breasts and buttocks, this wouldn't be an issue. This movie is very disturbing.


I think that we as Black Americans take too much of the blame for stereotypical shows like this. Do we think that the rest of the world is full of a bunch of creatively deprived idiots waiting to see what we'll do? It's just lazy film-making and imitation and just like everybody else they are trying to capitalize off of these stereotypes, instead of being original or at least humorously critiquing the stereotypes. The USA has a particular history of minstrelsy that apparently has influenced the world to continue to see us as less than human without trying to understand what is/was back of all that minstrelsy beyond the entertainment aspect. We are rightfully sensitive about our images and how we are represented.


This movie is so offensive, and the image that the Netherlands is a progressive society is really a joke. Anyone that is Muslim or African living in the Netherlands can tell you it is a very xenophobic and racist country. I feel sorry for the actress that agreed to be in this film this is abhorrent.


This is a case of The Chickens Coming Home to Roost, we created the culture Bomb and all it's ugliness and coonery, now it's served right back at us in full blown stereo, all those shows and films unearthed by BET and others have show us the end result. Be careful when you build a Frankenstein, it will always return back to the sender and creator!!!


This movie is offensive on multiple levels. As an American who is black, I would be offended if my son or daughter brought an outrageous character like that into our house.


I wish this movie had subtitles, it looks very entertaining. Dang those black girls are beautiful in all their big fab. Why do we have to take everything and make it so personal, so political. This is just a point of view. I am happy to see B&B sistas get their moment in the sun. They deserve this adoration. Men have been trying to ride our big asses since the drums starting beating in Africa. Now America is trying to make us feel bad about our big beautiful black selves. Maybe if more movies put BBW in the lead rom com roles, we would not be so sensitive about this dutch interpretation. Meanwhile I am going to be happy to see us get a little attention. Besides this is no worse than what the Rappers and American reality TV have done and said. Black people need to really grow up and take responsibility for themselves. Just because someone presents an artistic view of who they think I am, doesn't mean I have to take it personally. A Spanish magazine depicted the first lady as a slave, I would like to think she took it in stride.


I feel bad for the actress. If you take a look at her other roles they are no better. Poor girl. As much as we complain here in America whatever stereotype there is about us is not just portrayed by white people, but black people as well. And we can easily make films where we aren't stereotypes. They may not succeed or bank but we have that freedom so that as a black actor you wouldn't necessarily have to do a whole filmography with these kind of characters.


Anyone who watches this and takes it seriously is a fool themselves. Films like these have been around for centuries, we should not be surprised by them (we can be apalled by it, but not surprised) because they are created for SHOCK VALUE only. Controversy sells and controversy will continue to sell. I know who I am, I know where I'm from and I know what I am capable of, I REFUSE to believe one movie can destroy a whole race of people. Let the ignorant be ignorant.


Because America is the leading country in regards to culture, fashion, style and fashion other countries follow our trends. They are impressed by us and take us as an example of what is cool. When you watch the trailer you can see a blend of different eras and fashion that was made popular by black America and introduced to the world by Hip Hop and exploitive films. THIS TRAILER is the end result of black Americans supporting coonery. This trailer is indicative of how many countries view black Americans. So, to all film making coons and hip hop coon rappers and mougals, thank you, mission accomplished you big dummies!!!


wow…..i can't

Cool Cookie

Horrible, I watched the trailer, while I don't understand the language, the film looks like another offensive, stereotypical movie which shows black women and black people in general in a bad light SMH



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