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Watch: Cannes Reel Unveiled For ‘The Master’ To Thank Fans For Their Support

Watch: Cannes Reel Unveiled For 'The Master' To Thank Fans For Their Support

After a record-breaking limited release opening weekend, and a very strong second week that saw the movie expand to over 700 screens, Paul Thomas Anderson‘s “The Master” continues to build buzz as it makes its way across the country. And as a thank you to those who have been following and supporting the film, a four-minute reel featuring lots of deleted/unused footage has been unveiled.

To the select folks who were at Cannes this spring, this won’t be anything new — it’s pretty much the exact same stuff Harvey Weinstein introduced to select press on the Croisette (see our report here). But for those who have seen the film, and even those who haven’t, there is a lot to take in here. Following in line with the Paul Thomas Anderson cut promos that have been used for the movie thus far, this features a lot of material that was excised from the finished film, starting with that beautiful opening tracking shot. But yes, there are also scenes from the finished movie as well, and we should warn those of you still at the office — some of this is NSFW.

“The Master” continues to rollout over the next few weeks, and if it still hasn’t hit your town, this reel won’t be spoiling anything, so give it a whirl. [via HeyUGuys]

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Oogle monster

Good to know they included the cliMAX… if you know what I mean :) Fantastic film… I'm still thinking about it and it has been almost a week since I last saw it.


i want to know what happened to the"are you mixed up" stuff

i fucking love this exchange. all this cut footage looks amazing. wish he kept a bit more of pre-master introduction in the film.


I'm still trying to figure out what I think about this movie but I can say without question that it featured the best use of the word Pigfuck that I've ever seen on film

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