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Watch Chadwick Boseman, Nicole Beharie As Jackie Robinson & Wife In First Trailer For ’42’

Watch Chadwick Boseman, Nicole Beharie As Jackie Robinson & Wife In First Trailer For '42'

WB set an official release date of April 122013 for 42, its Jackie Robinson biopic that Brian Helgeland is directing for Legendary Pictures.

Relative newcomer Chadwick Boseman (who’s worked primarily in television on shows like FringeJustified and Castle) is playing Jackie Robinson in the film, with Nicole Beharie as Robinson’s widow, Rachel Robinson, née Rachel Isum.

Also Harrison Ford co-stars as Branch Rickey in the film – the Brooklyn Dodgers’ manager who made history by signing Robinson as the first black player in the history of the Major League Baseball organization.

Brian Helgeland directs from a script he also wrote, which tells Robinson’s story, as the first African-American to play in the major leagues.

The WB has just unveiled the film’s very first trailer, and poster – both embedded below:

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I agree w/ everyone's sentiments. Initially, I thought I'd be the only one who felt it odd & ill-placed the trailer's background music. It kinda dampered the overall affect….nonetheless, I do want to see this film! Very pleased w/ who are cast!


Jay's Music just showed up in 4 trailer in the past 6months.. All "Warner Bro's" Pictures! Something Strange going on. (Good for him though) & I dig the Trailer regardless!


And the blogs are ON FIRE about why would a studio put Jay Z music to a historical film trailer? Again, my question in the beginning was who is this film being pushed to? Young audiences? Black audiences? It doesn't make any sense. Black people hardly favor baseball let alone support historical films. The lackluster box office of Red Tails proves that. Putting hip hop in a trailer causes white America to tune out and will not encourage the urban generation to go see a film about baseball when baseball is not on the list of things they admire. The Help was a historical film and did not need hip hop music in it's trailer to sell the film and it was a HUGE box office hit. YOUNG & OLD alike supported that film. I still believe it was a VERY bad move and they should hit with another trailer as soon as possible.


This looks promising. While I understand the complaint about modern music, I believe it's smart to try something to make the film appealing to people under 75 years of age. Historically, most black oriented films that aren't set in the present day don't make money, for whatever reason, so it makes sense to try a different marketing approach. It can't hurt. Now, before someone says 'Ray' and/or 'Dreamgirls' made money, I'd argue that by the time 'Ray' came out, Ray Charles was a beloved American figure, not just a black one, and 'Dreamgirls' had achieved legendary status as a play long before becoming a film. But look at films like 'Devil in a Blue Dress', with Denzel AND Don Cheadle, 'Talk to Me', 'Cadillac Records', and countless others, hardly any were financial successes, unfortunately. Critical acclaim often, but soft box office. I'm hopeful that '42' will help usher in a new day of opportunity for films of color from all eras.


Hard to make a trailer about dated material and someone most younger people have no clue about. They did it. Hope the film is as EXCELLENT. I don't see how people can hate on this trailer. Oh, yeah. Haters gon' hate. Regardless.


This smells like a sappy B-Flick, better suited for the lifetime channel. All the white folks can stand and cheer good ol' Branch Rickey. Come to think of it, they should name this "42: Blindside 2012". And until she shows me something different, Nicole Beharie is overrated by the black community. Yeah, wishful thinking. Seriously, other than American Violet (2008), which btw Alfre Woodard pulled her up, what has she really brought to the table?


Excellent trailer!


That is an awesome trailer. I usually hate it when they use music from a different time period in a trailer but it totally works in this one. Everything from the lyrics to the beat and the way they have cut the action to the music is so dynamic. Acting from Boseman and Ford and the cinematography looks excellent. Good to see they are not sugarcoating the segragation issue. I hope this is a big success especially for Mr Boseman. This is a great opportunity for him.


Oh, I like it! Don't have a problem with the modern music. It's obviously an attempt to widen the audience which isn't a bad move at all for a period piece of this kind, I don't think. Chadwick definitely looks like he has the gravitas/screen presence to pull this off. I'm rooting for him. And of course I'm looking forward to seeing the dynamic between he and Nicole. Can't wait!


The writer/director of this film, Brian Helgeland, also wrote/directed "A Knight's Tale. " That movie was set in medieval times, but featured rock music, so I wouldn't be surprised if "42" also features contemporary music like that in the trailer.


What audience are they trying to reach? Change that stupid music on the trailer and put something epic and orchestrated on it. Do they want this film to fail? SMH.


Hate, hate, HATE the modern music used to score the second half of the trailer. Is it there to bring in the kids? Hopefully there isn't any such songs as that in the actual film because I never liked it when directors inject present day music in period movies. Breaks the spell IMO. Other than that the only other thing I didn't like in the trailer was the shot of the young boy pointing to the air in one hand (ala Babe Ruth) with a bat in the other hand. Was that supposed to be a young Jackie? It's a little too corny, syrupy and on the nose. Small complaint but, therer it is. I liked mostly everything else about it. It looks great in terms of cinematography. There is a great exchange between Jackie and Branch Rickey near the end(and by the way that guy might as well be Rickey…it is uncanny how much he looks like him). And Boseman appears to be dynamite in the role. The trailer alone would open more doors for him if this was a world of true equality. I mean when a young white actor gets a major role in such a film people in Hollywood start lining up outside his door to offer him big roles in other films even before seeing the finished product. In the end the lack of talent or lack of luck may catch up and cause that actor to fall back towards the middle of the pack but at least he gets multiple chances at bat (pun intended). But I am not aware of any other upcoming projects for Boseman. For non-white people I suppose the Hollywood moguls want to see the finished product first and then guage the raction. And even then they may not offer anything to the actor. Hopefully things will work out for Boseman better than that. Also there was that quick shot of Rachel looking at the "Whites Only" sign of that Ladies room which is such a powerful reminder considering that the wife of a player on the team doesn't have access to the same facilities that white people do. If they do show Rachel finding a bathroom however I hope they make it one of those unisex closet spaces that black people were so often stuck with in such venues. No sugarcoating please.


I am excited about this movie!

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