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Watch: First Full Trailer For Steven Spielberg’s ‘Lincoln’ With Daniel Day-Lewis

Watch: First Full Trailer For Steven Spielberg's 'Lincoln' With Daniel Day-Lewis

It’s been the best part of a decade since Steven Spielberg announced he wanted to tackle a biopic of Abraham Lincoln. The director optioned the rights to Doris Kearns Goodwin‘s “Team Of Rivals: The Political Genius Of Abraham Lincoln” before the book was published in 2005, and soon set his “Munich” writer Tony Kushner with the task of adapting the project. Liam Neeson was set to play the president, but the film kept getting pushing back, and the “Schindler’s List” star was eventually deemed too old, and two-time Oscar-winner Daniel Day-Lewis stepped in instead, with filming finally getting underway late last year.

Even so, less than two months from the film’s release, footage — or indeed anything but a single official image from the project — had not yet been unveiled, unusual for a film that most have been touting as a big Oscar player. Until now, that is. Hot on the heels of a teaser snippet earlier in the week, Spielberg has unveiled the full trailer to the film in the midst of a Google+ Hangout, because that’s something that people apparently do now.

As far as we’re concerned, it looks handsome, sweeping, and… surprisingly light on Lincoln. Most of the dialog and screen time seem to go to the supporting players — which is at least appropriate given the “Team Of Rivals” source material — with Daniel Day-Lewis looking as impressive as you might imagine in the title role, but not getting a lot of screen time, at least in terms of actual dialogue. So now that it’s here….what do you think? The epic we’ve all been waiting for, or typical Spielberg schmaltz? Or something else entirely?

Co-starring a ridiculously packed ensemble including Joseph Gordon-Levitt (who participated in the hangout with Spielberg too), Sally Field, David Strathairn, Tommy Lee Jones, James Spader, John Hawkes, Michael Stuhlbarg, Jackie Earle Haley, Jared Harris, Lee Pace, Bruce McGill, Adam Driver, Walton Goggins, TIm Blake Nelson, Hal Holbrook and David Oyelowo, the film goes into limited release on November 9th, and opens wider on November 16th. Watch below.

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DDL looks like Cosmo Kramer in this. Really takes me out of the period, you guys.


I can't take my eyes off of Tommy Lee Jones' bad wig…


Like "War Horse", this has a certain empty Hollywood 80's/90's artificial sheen that used to speak to expensive film making but now just looks dated and tired. Everything looks rigidly controlled and immaculately executed to the point that anything that might approximate actual human existence has been eradicated or strangled into submission. As one has come to expect from Spielberg in "history" mode, the project looks to be solemn and earnest but rather lifeless.


What… the fuck is this?


I can't wait to see this! I didn't realize how many outstanding actors were in it. What a cast!!!


I'm actually very impressed by the verisimilitude of the project, at least in terms of make-up and costuming: I can actually tell who the various supporting characters are merely by the faces/hair-dos, they look so much like the actual personages (Strathairn looks exactly like William Henry Seward, for example). And Day-Lewis's voice is excellent–it has long galled me that every cinematic portrayal of Lincoln seems to show him with a deep, booming voice, when in fact he had an occasionally reedy tenor. The music is a bit too slick and "important," but I like the look of this a lot.


and seriously people we aren't talking about any fly by night actor…'s freakin DDL he will be brilliant. when did this site become a hater haven. oh yeah when everyone jumped on The Playlist band wagon when they went indiewire. for all those who have been reading this blog ages ago, must get sick of it. DDL is one of the best show some respect. this used to be for cinephiles not paparazzi.


oscar…i know joaquin phoenix will be amazing….but shit that is abe lincoln….i think he'll pull a miss streep and bring it home for spielberg.

Michael M.

DDL is such a remarkable and versatile actor, capable of a numerous range of idiosyncratic and compelling performances. His portrayal of Lincoln will definitely provide some competitive contention. Although; the overt-sentimentalism featured in the films diegesis seems too contrived. My initial speculation is still favoring Joaquin Phoenix's' electrically ferocious, abnormally cynical, and immaculate performance as Freddie Quell in P.T.A's "The Master." I mean him and Hoffman (Another brilliant and diligent actor) just recently won the coveted Volpi Cup at Venice, so we'll see. Let the season commence!


"Typical Spielberg schmaltz"? Excuse me? Jesus, get over yourself, Mr. Cool….


I'm sure DDL will bring it and this film will be solid, but man am I over John Williams.


Great visuals, but the writing sounds a bit cheesy. People should read Gore Vidal's "Lincoln" or watch the 1988 miniseries before walking into this one.


D-D-L sounds like Gosling in those Gangster Squad trailers… odd and put-on. On another note, hopefully it's just the trailer that's saccharine and trite and not the film.


A lot of people only know the latter day DDL who’s very theatrical and loud, I’ve been hoping given Lincoln’s nature as reflective & quietly charismatic that we’d get a return of the subtle Day-Lewis of the early part of his career.

And the achievement he’s pulled off with the voice should not be taken lightly, it’s not just that he manages the slight drawl or to slightly up-pitch his voice, if you just heard that audio no one would be able to tell that it’s Day-Lewis speaking. He’s been chameleonic before, but this could be something I can’t say I’ve seen anyone pull off, leaving no trace of his own speaking voice.


Looks awful. And Day-Lewis? Can someone say "over-the-top"? Lewis is brilliant, no question about it, but an actor is only as good as their director.


I'm assuming all of the 'boring' and 'Spielberg has lost it' comments have never read Team of Rivals, which is written by a Pulitzer winner. This film has the magic combo of Spielberg, Goodwin, Kutchner, Spielberg's team, and an amazing cast. You do all realize that there are other quality movies coming out that aren't made by Anderson and Tarintino. Seriously, widen your interest.


So boring…


Bleh. DDL is an overpraised actor working with an overpraised director in my opinion. The two of them are fantastic, no doubt, but really? I think a lot of people are jumping to a simpleminded conclusion though, in regards to Oscars. Aside from nominations, I don't see this film winning anything . The academy will nominate anything with Spielbergs name attached to it. Hence War Horse. God, what a joke that was.


Oh. My. God. It plays like the trailer for "Home for Purim" in Christopher Guest's "For Your Consideration." Jeff Wells at Hollywood Elsewhere was talking a few weeks ago about a rumor he heard about one of the big Oscar bait films being a complete disaster. My bet is on "Lincoln."

monica l

sounds like bill clinton


Looks very, very Spielberg, as was expected. I'm sure Day-Lewis is great. Still kinda disappointed Neeson wasn't able to do this.


From how Spielberg was talking about this during the hangout, the music & the moments emphasized in this trailer seem out of step with the tone of the movie. The music is just plain out of step with the tone of what's being discussed. But I feel like if you take that out it doesn't feel schmaltzy at all. I'm thinking they wanted to highlight the ensemble in addition to keeping plenty of DDL's performance under wraps.


With all due respect, that ain't worth a velvet painting of a whale and a donkey getting it on


The music makes it feel like schmaltzy Spielberg like with War Horse but there are a lot of great actors here and it looks amazing. And Lincoln is just a naturally interesting character. They'd have to really go out of their way to ruin this one. I don't think the trailer was overwhelming

Kevin Klawitter

Oh, we've got some EDGY commentators here!

Oh, and historical records say that Lincoln's voice was high-pitched and squeaky, but still extremely resonant. So if DDL sounds like Truman Capote, that's just his way of being accurate.


dat voice!


Honestly score sounds the same as War Horse and the whole thing is kind of boring to me. Really need Spielberg to make some 400 million dollar FX insanity soon, hopefully RoboThor will deliver the goods.


Intereating voice Lewis decided to go with. Since there are no audio recordings of Lincoln, I guess he could've done anything he wanted, but for some reason I was expecting a much lower voice not unlike Daniel Plainview. Instead we got Truman Capote.


Looks exactly like War Horse. More melodramatic, cliched Spielberg popcorn fodder.


looks meh, boring…

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