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Dope film. Dope Music. Dope Everything. Love.



i second that emotion sir.
i mean damn.
3 short films and khalil joseph is my new favorite filmmaker.


Powerful. Beautiful.


My one critique is that it's too short, I wanted to see him do some more Alvin Ailey moves and to hear more of that dreamy music.

Terence Nance

TAMBAY! you know this is the film of the year homes. IF I write a full review will you update this post with it and replace the "it's friday?"

This made my year.

Floyd Webb

The Coltrane Legacy continues, transposed/transmuted. Alice's nephew.

The Abikus

This is awesome. I want the music. It made me stop and think. HARD!

Critical Acclaim

Saw this off Twitter yesterday. I was into it. Never heard of the musical group though.


If you've never seen thugs do interpretive dance, here's your chance. Kinda dope. I'd watch more.


Uhhh… Hmm…

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