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Watch Fred ‘The Hammer’ Williamson Out To Destroy America In Trailer For ‘Last Ounce of Courage’

Watch Fred 'The Hammer' Williamson Out To Destroy America In Trailer For 'Last Ounce of Courage'

NO! Say it ain’t so Hammer!  Below is the trailer for the film Last Ounce of Courage released by Rocky Mountain Pictures, which opened in 1400 theaters this weekend. It’s another one of those independently made Christian conversative films that have been made lately.

However, according to a friend of mine who actually saw this film yesterday, it’s a particularly vile one. It centers around a guy who’s a mayor of a small western town, Mayor Revere (as in Paul Revere – get it?), whose son was killed in action in Iraq.

Falling into a despression for years after his son’s death, Revere finally awakes into action when he comes to the realization that secular humanists have taken over his town, cancelling all Christmas celebrtions, even (OH NO!) pulling down the town’s annual Christmas tree.

It seems the evil satanic monster behind all this is the American Civil Liberties Organziation (not Union but close) headed by Fred Wiliamson. It all ends with an insane climax in which a gay man, and one of the evil-doers, is literally locked into a closet where he belongs, the school’s non-Christians secular holiday play is highjacked by the kids and turned into a Nativity play, complete with an American flag in the manger (I kid you not) and even Jesus himself appears, though disguised as an aging long-haired hippie.

My friend said that the film is practically blatant enough to say that the enemies of America, with the goal of destroying America, are the ACLU, feminists, gays and of course black people.

And since The Hammer is the head of the ACLU-ish organization in the film, that makes him twice as dangerous. The only thing miissing is that his first name isn’t Barack, but that would have been too subtle.

Oh I did mentioned that Bill O’Reilly makes a cameo in the film? But I’ll bet you guessed that already.

So if you want to take a look at the trailer and see the evil black man at work, bringing down America, take a look.

(P.S. Wanna bet we’re going to get some Last Ounce of Courage trolls attacking us for being anti-American Muslim socialist racists?)

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Seen the film three times, I still like it


So this where [Billy Jack] ended up?

Adam Scott Thompson

I weep for the white man, and his burden.


Wow, why so hateful toward Jesus? Man, you need to take a chill pill. You must be one of those 'tolerant' Liberals aka "tolerant as long as everybody thinks like you do". Liberals seems to love diversity in everything except 'thought'. Now, are you starting to understand why people can't Liberals?


You have completely discredited yourself by saying
"My Friend Told Me" before you listed your false information
And extreme inaccuracies about a film you haven't even watched.
How did you get your job?


A couple of days ago when I read about this movie and saw that the "bad guy" was being played by Williamson I said to myself….naw, it can't be THAT Williamson. That would be too damn obvious. LOL. Years back Iremember wondering when would red state America start bypassing Hollywood by making films that promoted their "values". It looks like that time is coming or is already here. Maybe its been here all along but was too "underground", too out of the spotlight, too straight-to-vide/DVD to notice. But most of those earlier films were period pieces that took place back in the "good ol' days" of the USA (Ex: colonial times, pre Civil War, the (not so) Wild West, etc.). Now we are getting corny flicks that take place in modern times. They not only preach patritism they are also religious oriented as well. To be fair…it would appear most low budget black films are the same…just take out the patriotism stuff and the all white faces. A heavy dose of Christian preaching is pumped through the veins of both however. The storytelling and fiilmmaking overall of both seem to be on the unimpressive side as well.

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