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Watch: Gorgeous New U.K. Trailer For ‘Rust And Bone’ With Marion Cotillard & Matthias Schoenaerts

Watch: Gorgeous New U.K. Trailer For 'Rust And Bone' With Marion Cotillard & Matthias Schoenaerts

Over the net few weeks, as films begin to unspool in Venice, Telluride, Toronto and New York, we’ll be beginning to see which films will rise up as awards season contenders, and which will slip away. One film everyone agrees will be in the mix in a big way is Jacques Audiard‘s “Rust And Bone.” After premiering at the Cannes Film Festival this spring, the film hits Toronto this month before arriving in theaters this fall, and a new U.K. trailer is here to remind you this is one to watch.

Starring Marion Cotillard and Matthias Schoenaerts, who both give astounding performances, the film chronicles the unlikely relationship between a marine park worker who loses her legs and a single father trying to eek out a living to provide for his young son. What emerges in the film is a portrait of two people in deep pain, who are so used to surviving on their own that being vulnerable and giving for someone else is a challenge. Cotillard and Schoenaerts are just astounding in a film that we called in our review “a standout, a towering picture we can’t wait to see again.”

Watch the trailer below and in case you’re wondering, the song is “My Tears Are Becoming A Sea” by M83. “Rust And Bone” opens on November 16th.

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Is there only me or Marion Cotillard looks deadly sexy without make up (and legs!). i must admit the french make awesome trailers like "the intouchables" and "little white lies", but this one is definitely my favorite so far with "the great gadsby". It took me 2 years to see my first french movie "A prophet" which is my favorite movie of all time….. So my expectations are high and for starting the trailer is incredible. CAN'T WAIT TO SEE IT !


This trailer and Les Miserables' trailer are my most favorite trailers this year. These trailers give me the chills- in a good way.


I don't think that "Rust & Bone" makers would appreciate having their film called 'georgeous'.


OMG this trailer is amazing, gave me shivers too


Astonishing! Madame Cotillard you are a REAL STAR. You are entirely right about his post-oscar carreer's choices which are simply awesome. If she keep going on like that (There is still "Nightingale" and "Blood Ties" in prod), in 10 or 15 years she will be consider as maybe on of the best actress ever!


Oh hey guys you're in this at the end! ;)


i've seen Rust & Bone, this movie is incredible, and very powerful! Marion and Matthias gave terrific performance, everyone should see this.




This is how a trailer should be, and I'm totally agree with the comment behind, Marion Cotillard have one of the most impressive post-oscar careers, with films like Little White Lies, Midnight in paris, Dark Knight Rises, I mean, this girl it's unstoppable, I hope she get an oscar nomination for this film, even a winning, looks so powerful !


Beautiful trailer! Gave me goosebumps! Cotillard and Schoenaerts look amazing!


Wow, that trailer is awesome!!

Oogle monster

Wow, the trailer gave me shivers. These two are amazing. Cotillard has carved out a VERY impressive post-Oscar career. Other actors should take a page out of her playbook.

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