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Watch: Impressive, Stylized Trailer For Park Chan-Wook’s ‘Stoker’ Starring Nicole Kidman & Mia Wasikowska

Watch: Impressive, Stylized Trailer For Park Chan-Wook's 'Stoker' Starring Nicole Kidman & Mia Wasikowska

As much as we’re excited that Fox Searchlight made a last minute blitz to release “Hitchcock” into theaters for the award season, we kinda wish it was Park Chan-Wook‘s “Stoker” instead. Last week brought us a tease, but the full length trailer is here and it’s stunning, stylized and impressive stuff, no less than we’d expect from the helmer behind “Oldboy” and the Vengeance trilogy.

Everyone is firing on all cylinders here in the story that follows India (Mia Wasikowska), whose enigmatic and estranged uncle (Matthew Goode) returns to the family after the death of the girl’s father, and takes up with her mother (Nicole Kidman). People, however, start to go missing in her hometown at the same time, and she soon discovers that her uncle may be the cause. Kidman looks ferociously great as the bad mommy, while Wasikowska is solid as usual. But the real surprise? Goode. The actor has been waiting for a breakout part, and after earning some notices for “Burning Man,” this wickedly dark turn looks like one he’s knocking well out of the park.

Heightened by Park’s trademark visual style (several scenes here are screengrab worthy), and an undeniable Hitchockian flavor, “Stoker” is looking very, very good. The movie lands on March 1, 2013. Watch below.

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Well done Went!


Kidman is one of the greatest working actresses today! To Die For, Portrait of a Lady, Eyes Wide Shut, Moulin Rouge!, The Others, The Hours, Dogville, Cold Mountain, Birth, The Interpreter, Margot at the Wedding, Nine, Rabbit Hole, Hemingway & Gellhorn and The Paperboy. Now, she's filming Grace of Monaco; there are rumors that she might play a part in Trier's Nymphomaniac. And, she's got The Railway Man and Stoker to be released in 2013. She has shown us great versatility and what an amazing group of director she has worked with! By the way, she looks amazing in Stoker! Her little speech in the beginning of the trailer is remarkable.


Wow, Nicole Kidman looks great. Better than she has in years. Her face has a softer tone, even though she is playing what may be the harshest character of her career. This seems like a big comeback for her in many different ways. The whole film looks excellent so far, but Kidman was the first thing that struck me.

Archer Slyce

It pretty much confirms the feelings I had when the first images came out … and has me clearly overexcited by this movie. Hitchcock is a clear reference here, but I'll go on record saying I feel like Dario Argento might be – literally – hiding behind the curtains (Am I the only one obsessed with these grey curtains here ?).


Damn this looks amazing. Got goosebumps watching this.


Why is Goode's performance a surprise? He is the obvious choice for the seemingly charming, but nasty Uncle Charlie. The guy looks like a star, but lacks presence (an inadequacy displayed in 'Brideshead Revisited'), so this looks like the perfect role for his particular skillset.


I can't wait for this!


Looks very impressive

Amon Goeth

Mia Wasikowska looks a lot like Mary Elizabeth Winstead in this.


Oh my God. I came just watching this.

Can we time warp straight ahead to March '13, please?


They put in a phone booth scene just to remind us that we are watching a movie.


Obvious homage to Hitchcock's Shadow of a Doubt but that little cut of the cop with the shades on, also totally Hitchcock (think Psycho). This looks awesome.

jacques demolay

Totally made my fucking day. Can't wait for this.


This looks REALLY good. Everything looks so meticulously done. And that Clint Mansell soundtrack in the back!


I like that it has a strong homage to "Shadow of a Doubt" (serial killer uncle called Charlie) but doesn't seem like some carbon copy remake.


The best kind of chills. Damn. That shot of Goode with the scissors is stunning.


That cinematography! Written by Wentworth Miller? What!? since when does he write excellent looking films?

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