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Watch: Jason Bateman & Melissa McCarthy Rumble In Trailer For ‘Identity Thief’

Watch: Jason Bateman & Melissa McCarthy Rumble In Trailer For 'Identity Thief'

If the formula works, why break it? Jason Bateman has had a career resurgence playing the exasperated straight man starting with “Arrested Development” and taking that persona through a number films, while Melissa McCarthy has used her physique and personality to portray women who go right over the top. So what do you get when you put them both in a movie? “Identity Thief.”

The first trailer has dropped for the film, and while it’s not exactly gutbustingly hilarious, it delivers all the familiar things we’d expect from these two, with the over the top zaniness that comes from “Horrible Bosses” director Seth Gordon. The premise is pretty straightforward: mild-mannered, Colorado resident Sandy has his identity stolen by freewheeling Diana. With a week to set his credit record straight before his world falls apart, Sandy goes on a road trip to track her down and…well, you’ll see the results below.

As we’ve suggested, the pair are pretty enjoyable to watch but we’ll see if the movie around them holds up. But assisting in supporting roles is pretty solid roster including Jon Favreau, Amanda Peet, Tip “T.I.” Harris, Genesis Rodriguez, Morris Chestnut, John Cho, Robert Patrick and Eric Stonestreet. “Identity Thief” comes for your credit card on February 8, 2013.

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Who wants to watch Jason Batemen outwitted for two hours by Melissa McCarthy playing an epic cunt? That's not funny, it's infuriating. Watching that trailer you just want him to restrain her by force and get the police to bust her ass pronto. Instead we watch her win and we're supposed to laugh…


Great cast…crushing on Genesis Rodriguez. Hoping it will be funny like Horrible Bosses.


Right… So I guess all this starbuilding is just leading up to the inevitable $80 million "Happy Madison" production of "Meet The Fatty-Fat Fat Fat's!," a three hour epic starring Melissa McCarthy and Kevin James as two accident (and flatulence) prone mattress salesmen who initially find themselves competing "Salesman of the Year" moniker that brings with it a $10,000 trip to Hawaii, but, by and by, that the real competition all along was finding a way into each others hearts. And with the plot safe and soundly resolved within the first ninety minutes, the second half marks a radical shift in tone as our two "star-smooshed lovers" are dragged downwards into the bowels of Hell by a cackling demon with the face of Bruce Dern, whereby they then proceed to violently tuck, suck, and fuck their brains out on a bed made entirely of hundred dollar bills and Hershey's pudding, and finally, like two masochistic hogs on their last throes of life, they spew forth demented snorts and chorts of a climax in a language so Ancient and Evil, that not even the Dark Lord himself bears the weight of taking in its foul cadences, which in an of itself begins to create a slooshing dimple in the natural Yin and Yang of the universe that gradually unwinds more and more until everything we've come to love, or to hate, or to know, is snuffed out by an instantaneous cosmic wave of sugary spunk and vaginal jelly.

Cameos by David Spade and Rob Scheider as James' kooky manic-depressive zygotes, Mya Rudolph as the back of McCarthy's knee, and Adam Sandler as the cross-dressing and vaguely anti-Semitic grandmother hiding in the closet while slowly masturbating him and/or herself to a tear stained climax.

"They're not just phat, they're FAT!"

Coming to a multiplex near you, Summer 2013.

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