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Watch: Maggie Grace Does A Rooftop Chase In Clip From ‘Taken 2’

Watch: Maggie Grace Does A Rooftop Chase In Clip From 'Taken 2'

Advice to bad guys: don’t underestimate Kim Mills. While you might think her father Bryan Mills is the only one with a special set of skills, that shit is genetic, dog, and it looks like Kim can pretty much do a standing leap from rooftop to rooftop. Welcome to “Taken 2: Tooked In Istanbul” where logic and reason go flying out the window.

This new clip from the movie has Maggie Grace grabbing some advice from Dad, before escaping some bad dudes across some rooftops. It’s pretty badly cut and shot, but no one watches these for visual coherence, they go see it to listen to Liam Neeson growl commands on the phone. We’re also wondering why Fox hasn’t done a marketing tie-in for motivational tapes voiced by Bryan Mills, because we’d buy those in an instant. 

Anyway, “Taken 2” lands on October 5th. [JoBlo]

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