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Watch Preview Of 2-Part BET News Doc ‘Second Coming? Will Black America Decide 2012?’

Watch Preview Of 2-Part BET News Doc 'Second Coming? Will Black America Decide 2012?'

Here’s a preview of the upcoming BET documentary on President Barack Obama’s quest to become a two-termer, titled Second Coming? Will Black America Decide 2012?

Sounds,,, biblically epic! The pressure! And if he does win, around this time next year, expect questions like, “what has Obama done for black America” will be on many mouths and minds. 

The 2-part documentary, which includes celebrity commentary/endorsements from the likes of Snoop Dog and Kerry Washington, will air as follows: Part 1 on October 19 (9P/8c); and Part 2 on October 26 (9P/8c).


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Re: Obama and Black America I definitely think this admistration takes Black people for granted. Other demographics are courted, which makes sense because this is politics. But for comparison, to see him actively address Hispanics of all nationalities with "we need your vote and know how much you do for America we love your support"–vs. Michelle issuing a warning to the Black Caucus and Black churches: "voter suppression is the new civil rights struggle, the fight isn't over. etc". So basically, voter registration and supporting him are our DUTY–nevermind asking us what we want or how much they appreciate our support. And has Obama given any recent speeches directly to Black voters specifically, or has it always been Michelle going to amen corner? Is Barack too busy shmoozing up in mom & pop diners in the midwest–how awesome would it be for him to just show up at a small venue in Brooklyn or Harlem (I don't care about him singing at the Apollo, either). I know swing states are crucial right now, but he needs to know there are Black people even in NYC who are feeling disenfranchised by the entire system-no so much him. He got 96% of the Black vote in 2008, so this doc is very astute. I respect Pres. Obama, but not feeling the 'i know ya'll got my back' vibe from him. I am glad to see a doc address this subject. With that said, I am volunteering with the Obama campaign because this administration has accomplished quite a bit in a hellish environment, and the alternative is pure insanity.

D.C. Kirkwood

President Obama may just slide in as president this year. I have never seen so many people saying they are just going to sit it out, particulary people in the African American community. Black America is definitely going to decide this one. Ironically, the celebrity support is wonderful but too alot of people they are uncomfortable with his close relationship with people like Beyonce and Jay-Z. Financially and publicity wise it helps but I don't know if its going to work against him at the polls. His numbers are strong but Im still fearfully optimistic.

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