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Watch Rodney Evans’ ‘Two Encounters’ (Short Shouts)

Watch Rodney Evans' 'Two Encounters' (Short Shouts)

Brother To Brother director Rodney Evans' 2000 7-minute short film, Two Encounters, is now online, courtesy of Frameline

Armed with hidden tiny cameras, two gay men, one black and one white, go to two gay bars in New York City – one predominantly black, and the other predominantly white – to uncover the "racialized geographies of New York's gay bar scene.

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Rodney Evans is a (black) writer/director with what appears to be a penchant for this sort of thing. That is, stories (e.g. BROTHE TO BROTHER) involving black and white gay men with affections toward one another. This short film does not differ from his constant theme despite being a so-called look at the "racialized geographies of New York's gay bar scene" to examine racial division within gay culture. In the end it is just another gay black man putting white flesh on a pedestal to be worshipped and a story about the "altruistic" white man desiring a black body irregardless of whatever plot twist is developed for drama. Thus, whatever sociologican inquiry and "fun" message he is attempting to send fails. His continual fondness for such subject matter is odd. There is a great dearth in cinema telling stories of affection between gay men of African descent. Such stories are few and the desire by black gay men in particular to see such stories is great. Whether on television or in the movie theater, storylines involving black gay men showing affection to one another is the exception and not the norm. Hence, a series like the L.A. Complex with its black gay characters actually involved with one another or a film from director/writer like Patrik-Ian Polk or a movie like Leave It On The Floor are celebrated. They go against the usual typecasting to reveal that one black gay man CAN find another black gay man viable and desirable and this CAN make for a good story. Gay cinema has a plethora of images with interracial couples and most of them are black guys and white guys; the image is welcomed where the other is treated with hostility.

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