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Watch: ‘Texas Chainsaw 3D’ Trailer Carves Up More Mediocrity

Watch: 'Texas Chainsaw 3D' Trailer Carves Up More Mediocrity

With the soothing strains of Mark Lanegan‘s “The Beast In Me” playing, the trailer for “Texas Chainsaw 3D” opens with a young woman in sexy lingerie just casually changing her clothes in the backseat of a van. Well, you gotta hand it to the marketing gurus at Millenium Entertainment — they sure know who to grab the eyeballs of anyone who couldn’t care less about another entry into this franchise.

As for the rest? It’s your boilerplate, half-baked sequel, side-quel whatever who cares. Alexandra Daddario is the Jessica Biel of this one, playing Heather who goes to Texas to collect an inheritance from her grandma. But instead of a sleazy lawyer gouging her, it’s a chainsaw-wielding nutjob. Blood and body parts presumably go flying.

A bunch of random people we don’t recognize round out the cast, with “Takers” helmer John Luessenhop directing. In other words, this was made on a very small budget. “Texas Chainsaw 3D” opens on January 4th.

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Kevin's got it wrong. Lions Gate is doing a great job on this. The producer brought back the original cast from the 1974 version, and yes, this one is a follow up to the original. The producer wanted to stay with the original fever that Toby Hooper had on the 74' version. I think a great many "nay sayers" will be quite surprised when this is released.


Alexandra Daddario will sell me every time.


I never could relate to the blood and gore of Chainsaw Murders movies.


Looks like it has been a sexless month for the editors at Indiewire; major haters of late.
P.S. Lionsgate did the marketing, not Millennium… and it's bad ass.


The one with Jessica Biel was actually rather decent. But this looks like a mess – and no where in the trailer do they say, "Hey, this is a sequel to the original movie. Not the remake." Like anyone who care, anyway. This franchise is a jumbled mess.

Archer Slyce

Alright I'm with you on this one this looks really lame. Surprisingly enough they didn't use the "flashlight sound" reference.

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