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Watch: ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Blu-Ray Trailer Arrives, What Extras Do You Want To See?

Watch: 'The Dark Knight Rises' Blu-Ray Trailer Arrives, What Extras Do You Want To See?

Well, it won’t be the director’s cut that was rumored ever so briefly, but the epic finale to Christopher Nolan‘s Batman trilogy “The Dark Knight Rises,” is on its way to home video, and following the pattern set by the director’s last two films, it’s coming just in time for Christmas.

Warner Bros. has dropped a trailer for the Blu-ray release of the film — and yes, it’s exactly like the theatrical trailer except with the home video tag on the end — with the date of December 3rd set for all of you making your wishlists for the holidays. And while no extras have yet been announced, we’ll put it to you: What extras would like to see on the forthcoming disc? It’s a capper to the trilogy that has changed the game of what a superhero movie can be, and certainly the final chapter was the biggest in many ways. How about a commentary by Nolan, something he has avoided doing for a while now? Maybe one by the cast, particularly Christian Bale, who is putting the cowl in the closet. Or how about the history of Catwoman? Will there be a boxset option with all three movies plus extra goodies? What would make this release extra special for you?

Anyway, WB will hopefully drop the details soon and we’ll see what the fans will get in a few months — until then, here’s the trailer for old times sake, plus the tentative artwork.

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it looks very cool.I'm so happy to see it.I like the film Dark Knight~


An option that allows the viewer a choice between Bane's original voice and later one.


A code that lets you download the Nolan film Batsuit(s) for Arkham City. I can't believe they haven't released those yet, but this would be the perfect time.


i want to see many push-ups with shirtless Hardy and Bale and Hathaway's fitting :D or a collection of howlers


I would love to see the screentests and readings of all the ladies that auditioned for the coveted Selina Kyle role.


"Blu-Ray trailer arrives"??????????????

Your title is totally fucking misleading!!!!



how about a better cut of the movie? about an hour less of police bullshit would be great!


Maybe a documentary or a featurette on the thematic ideas behind the film and its influences such as Dickens.


Comentary would be ideal.

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